Posted On: 12/23/18 10:19 PM

The season is in full swing and we are in the midst of the holiday season with our first week of holiday tournaments. Today, we bring together our look at the underclassmen from this week including stops at Crispus Attucks vs. Bedford North Lawrence, the Marion Holiday Classic, the Manual Holiday Extravaganza, and Shenandoah vs. New Palestine.

#2 Donovan Barnett – 6’4 SF 2021 – Crispus Attucks (IN)
**4 points against Bedford North Lawrence (IN)**
Barnett is a long, athletic wing with the handles and skill to play the 2/3.  Shoots the ball at a solid level although his jumper looked a bit off early in the game. Was good going at the rim and can really battle with his size and strength. Was good getting into the lane in this game. If he can show some consistency with the jumper, he’s got enough skill to be a top end scorer.

#15 Ryan Collins – 6’0 PG 2022 – Fort Wayne North (IN)
**12 points against Liberty Christian (IN)**
Collins is a slight guard who has a pretty good perimeter jumper and a frame that should grow. Was really good along the perimeter where he could shoot the ball off the catch or the pull-up.  Not sure based on that game if he is a guy that can stay on the ball but should be pretty good at either spot and have enough height to do so.

#34 Christian Nunn – 6’2 SF 2022 – Liberty Christian (IN)
**18 points against Fort Wayne North (IN)**
Nunn is a solid wing with some size and athleticism. Tough around the rim and showed he could rebound pretty well. Was really good in the open floor where his athleticism and ball handling plays up. Still raw with the guard skills but showed enough to think he will grow into them.  Will be interesting to see how he develops with his older brother, Franklin who plays at Purdue Northwest, he could end up even more athletic later down the road.

#5 Brendan Lytle – 6’0 PG 2021 – Bishop Dwenger (IN)
**12 points against Richmond (IN)**
Lytle is a solid lead guard with handles and a jumper.  Showed some more quickness than we have seen before and was pretty good getting into the lane.  Not super deceptive but tough and talented enough to finish around defenders.  Scored with his right and left hand.  His jumper looks solid, a little quick at times but form looks good. Quarterback for the football team and solid two-sport athlete that likely could play either in college.

#1 Andrew Kroft – 6’1 SG 2021 – Richmond (IN)
**16 points against Bishop Dwenger (IN)**
Kroft is a solid scoring guard that looks a little bit bigger and more filled out than this summer.  Jumper looks a little more effective and was better off the catch than the pull up in this one. Ball handling was solid as well, not likely to stay on the point but good enough to create into the lane.  Showed a runner and an up-and-under too.  Creative enough to find ways to score off the ball.

#1 Jaylen Lattimore – 6’3 SF 2022 – Fort Wayne Snider (IN)
Lattimore is a big wing with a solid frame and some length. Will need to tone the frame up but could still grow some. Was pretty good inside the lane, rebounding the ball well and impacting the game down low rather than on the wing.  Big and can probably play the 3 and with some time maybe the four if he grows. Was good getting out in transition and in the open floor, has enough handles to make a play.

#5 Michael Eley – 6’4 SG 2021 – Fort Wayne Snider (IN)
**9 points against Brownsburg (IN)**
Eley is a long, lanky guard who looks more and more like an emerging star. He didn’t have the best game today but you saw all of his skill in this one. He has the ball handling to be able to take his man off the bounce and create with his right hand. Also showed a solid mid-range jumper and he’s been on a role with his perimeter shot for a while now. Wanted to see him put it all together but he has the capability of being a high-end scoring threat with size.  

#30 Karson Jenkins – 5’9 PG 2022 – Fort Wayne Snider (IN)
Jenkins is a really light guard that has the scoring ability you want from a freshman. Doesn’t need a lot of plays run for him but seemed to make the right reads.  His perimeter jumper is really good and although he is slight in his frame, he isn’t a guy that has to push his shot. Good form and release.  Will obviously need some more size and strength but should be able to be pretty impactful now.

#2 Colton Jones – 6’1 PG 2021 – Valparaiso (IN)
**9 points against Zionsville (IN)**
Jones is a growing guard prospect that has sprouted up a couple inches in the last year. Wasn’t a bit factor in Marion but better against Zionsville. His handles are solid and he’s able to create off the bounce a little bit. Will be adjusting to playing as a taller guard now because a year ago he was able to kind of get low and drive past people, not happening now. But, love the frame and the strength that has come with it. Could end up developing a lot more in the next year as well. Want to see that offense come with it.

#50 Cooper Jones – 6’6 C 2021
Cooper is a big, bruising post with good size and some solid rebounding ability. His hands are solid but will need to lock it down more quickly as he juggled a few. However, he was really good to put him in position.  He’s going to need to clean up the frame but he does kind of all the things you need a young post player to do.  

#1 Jalen Blackmon – 6’1 PG 2021 – Marion (IN)
**34 points against Valparaiso (IN)**
Jalen was really, really good in this game, showing off all of his skill. He was very good creating space, being physical and using a step-back quite a bit.  He finished well around the rim with his right hand and also a nice floater.  His mid-range game was very good as he is able to pretty much pull-up anywhere.  It looks better than last year and he’s not nearly as wild, taking less deep threes. Playing under more control suits him well. He’s progressed pretty well in the last year and completely took this game over in the second half.

#11 Rasheed Jones – 6’3 SF 2022 – Marion (IN)
**11 points against Valparaiso (IN)**
Rasheed is a long, lanky wing with good size and shooting ability for a freshman.  He was really good at the free throw line, making something like 6/6 from the stripe. Also good off the catch from distance and the form and all look consistent and should translate.  He’s lean and will need that strength as he gets older but was assertive enough to try and make plays but never did he overplay his hand. Loved the makeup and has a body that could develop a few different ways. Enough shooting ability to keep you interested.

#24 Kyle Ross – 6’6 PF 2021 – Andrean (IN)
**22 points against Indianapolis Howe (IN)**
Ross is a big forward with some game to play out on the perimeter.  Was a solid shooter off the catch. Showed some physicality in the post as well, creating well off the low block in the post up.  He’s moving pretty well but still needs a little more foot speed. However, with his physical play, he can outmuscle most of his. Opponents at this level.  

#11 Ben Jones – 6’1 SG 2021 – Andrean (IN)
**12 points against Indianapolis Howe (IN)**
Jones is a solid guard who showed a solid jumper and some handles. More of an off ball guard but showed some creativity with it and had a couple plays that show where he can grow. Seemed more perimeter oriented at times but the frame could grow as a transition scorer. Scored on a mid-post right hand turnaround.  His jumper looks really solid at this point, form and release look good. Want to see him develop more off the bounce to pull-up.

#24 Zane Burke – 6’3 SG 2021 – Blackhawk Christian (IN)
**20 points against Indianapolis Manual (IN)**
Burke is a tall shooting guard who can really put up some points. He was very good off the catch but really showed he could put it on the floor and make a play. He was pulling of sidesteps and a few full drives to the rim. Needs to clean up a little on the handle but pretty solid right now. Really technically sound with the shot and his form.  If he can get to a point where the dribble-drive game comes into play more, that would take him to a new level.

#12 Malik Stanley – 5’11 PG 2021 – Warren Central (IN)
**8 points against East St. Louis (IL)**
Malik is a growing lead guard with a little more size now than last we saw him. He’s pretty tough as an on-ball guard and has developed his jumper pretty well. He was solid off the catch and picked his spots well. Like his ability to handle pressure and has just enough size to use it against defenders.  Has no problem using his physicality.  

#2 Leland Walker – 5’9 PG 2022 – North Central (IN)
**15 points against Fort Wayne Wayne (IN)**
Leland is a small but tough point guard that can pretty much make any play you ask of him. Extremely high IQ on the floor and decision making to play at the college level now. He wasn’t as on with his jumper as we have seen before but he was really good getting to the lane and drawing fouls. Quick burst and knows when to kick out and when to finish at the rim.

#4 Jakeb Kinsey – 5’10 PG 2021 – Shenandoah (IN)
**7 points against New Palestine (IN)**
Kinsey is a small lead guard who made some key plays late in this game.  He’s thin and will need to add more strength over the years.  However, he was tough when he needed to be and show a capable jumper and a solid floater in the lane. Needs to find more ways to get all the way to the rim as he relied on his floater a little too much.  Should stick on the ball and seems to make good decisions.

#12 Andrew Bennett – 6’0 SG 2021 – Shenandoah (IN)
**12 points against New Palestine (IN)**
Bennett is a solid guard who could play a number of spots in college. Good frame that is likely to fill out and grow some more. Showed off a bunch of scoring plays hitting a three off the catch and a bunch of drive to his right hand while drawing fouls in the process. Good speed, some length, and a solid knack for scoring should be interesting in the coming years.

#22 Kaden McCollough – 5’11 PG 2021 – Shenandoah (IN)
**20 points against New Palestine (IN)**
Kaden is a small lead guard who hit a ton of big shots. Small guard and has a little bit of a push jumper right now, but he’s locked in and looks good with it.  Should stay on the ball and creates well on the perimeter at times. Wanted to see a little more off the bounce as he tends to play more as a perimeter scorer.  Might not grow a ton more but should add some strength.