Posted On: 12/30/18 11:47 PM

Below is a look at December’s Diaper Dandies Duos, the top performing underclassmen duos in the state over the past month.

Justus Jackson (6’0 PG 2021 Millennium) and Da’Ron Holmes (6’9 SF/PF 2021 Millennium)

Despite only being a little over halfway through their sophomore campaigns, it feels as though Jackson and Holmes have been playing high school basketball for years due to the amount that their names are mentioned. Millennium is one of the top teams in 5A and could walk away with multiple state titles due to this duo. While these two are putting up big numbers now, Holmes is far from reaching his peak. These two are going to make huge names for themselves by the time their careers are over.

Ricardo Sarmiento (5’11 PG/SG 2021 Cesar Chavez) and TyTy Washington 6’2 PG 2021 Cesar Chavez)

Sarmiento and Washington are in the same boat as Jackson and Holmes in that they feel like they have been around for an elongated period of time due to their dominance as freshman and sophomores. Washington is playing on another level which has resulted in Chavez being one of the top teams in the entire state despite his and Sarmiento’s youth. 

Isaiah Freeney (5’11 PG 2021 South Mountain) and DeOtis Nunn Jr. (5’11 PG 2022 South Mountain)

South Mountain was competitive last year and looks just as, if not more, competitive right now due to this underclassmen duo. While they have another guard, Kyree Ware, aiding in the backcourt, these two are big time. Nunn and Freeney have demonstrated that they can score the basketball at a high level despite their youth. This backcourt is fun to watch and will make South Mountain even more relevant going forward.

Nate Pickens (6’1 PG 2022 Dysart) and Riley Fornerette (6’0 PG/SG 2021 Dysart)

Despite the title of the article, Mathews could have been added to make this a trio. The young group has made huge impacts for Dysart. However, Pickens, despite being a freshman, is the biggest name of the three. He has shown that he is more than just a scorer at the varsity level despite his youth. He is able to get into the paint and find teammates as well as be a knockdown shooter. Dysart has a bright future behind these three prospects. Fornerette provides the team with another youthful guard to give Pickens a backcourt mate who can aid him in making noise in the 4A world for years to come.

Paris Woods (6’4 PG 2021 Apollo) and Ahamed Mohamed (5’8 PG 2022 Apollo)

As if Apollo did not have enough talented prospects, Mohamed has emerged on the scene and is shooting the basketball at an alarming rate. Many wondered what would happen to Apollo with Marcus Wady leaving. However, Mohamed and Zeke Thompkins have done a great job of feeling in the gaps. Further, Woods is an elite guard who is getting better and better as well as more athletic. 

Patrick Herrera (6’1 PG 2021 Skyline) and Dominic Capriotti (6’3 SG 2022 Skyline)

Herrera is the more established of the two and is scoring the basketball at an elite level which is a huge reason that Skyline is having success early in this season. With that said, Capriotti has shot the basketball from deep in a manner that is far beyond that of a freshman. This duo will aid in Skyline potentially having the most success that the program has had. Expect big things from these two quality guards.

Matur Dhal (6’10 C 2021 Paradise Honors) and Jalen Scott (6’2 PG 2021 Paradise Honors)

Simply put, Paradise Honors is stacked. While these two prospects are not necessarily the top scoring threats for Paradise Honors, that is not due to lack of talent. Scott facilitates to the skilled prospects on the roster and does his job of running the show. Further, Dhal is an elite rim protector with great size and upside. These two are a huge part of the puzzle that make Paradise Honors who they are.

JJ White (6’3 PG/SG 2021 Ironwood) and Bailon Black (6’3 PG/SG 2021 Ironwood)

White and Black have been key contributors in what has been one of the best starts in Ironwood High School basketball history. Black has assumed most of the point guard duties. While in that role, Black has managed to average over 12 points and nearly 5 assists per game. Moreover, White has shot the basketball at a high level while averaging nearly 10 points per game and leading the team in steals. These two have a bright future and are playing at an extremely high level.