Posted On: 12/19/18 6:17 PM

Region 7 Standings 

Teams Region 7 W-L OVR
 Glen Ullin-Hebron 1-0 3-1
Beach 1-0  1-4
Dickinson Trinity 0-0 4-0
Bowman 0-0 2-1
Hazen 0-0 2-1
Mott-Regent 0-0 2-2
Beulah 0-0 1-2
Heart River 0-0 1-3
Killdeer 0-0 0-4
Hettinger-Scranton 0-0 0-5
Richardton -Taylor  0-1 2-2
New England 0-1 1-3



  1. 1.DT 
  2. 2. Beulah
  3. 3. Bowman
  4. 4. Glen Ullin-Hebron
  5. 5. Mott-Regent 
  6. 6. Hazen
  7. 7. Richardton-Taylor
  8. 8. Beach
  9. 9. New England 
  10. 10. Heart River
  11. 11. Killdeer
  12. 12. Hettinger-Scranton

Top Team Notes

  • DT’s win over top 10 ranked Shiloh and their Roughrider championship put them in the first place. They have also impressed the state pollsters and have the No. 2 spot in the Class B state poll.
  • Beulah lost two games to teams ranked in the top 10 state poll. But they are starting to look better each week. Depth is a concern but they are figuring out how to utilize 6-5, 270-pound Jonah Larson. State pollsters docked them in a strange move. They aren’t receiving any votes even though their games were close. 
  • Bowman finished as runner-up at Roughrider. Caleb Duffield, a 5-10 sophomore guard, and Jacob Svihovec, a 6-4 senior,  have made a case for being the top two scoring options on their team.
  • Glen Ullin-Hebron proved they are an athletic team with upside and under Greg Pruitt. They are looking tough. They took third at Roughrider and have an early season win at Richardton-Taylor.

Play-in Host  Team Notes

  • Mott-Regent has one of the best seniors in the region with 6-4 do-it-all senior Cody Perkins but they’ll need more to push toward the top four of Region 7.
  • Hazen faced some of the toughest guards in the state already. They failed the Bishop Ryan backcourt test giving up 85, but passed the TLMM backcourt test only giving up 55. We’ll see learn a lot more about them on Friday. 
  • Richardton-Taylor has some talent with Logan and Collin Kuntz. Maybe they can finish near the middle of the region this year.
  • Beach still has a quality starter in 6-2 junior Gage Swanson. The question is if they’ll develop enough to have steady and strong No. 2 and No. 3 options on offense.

Play-in Road Team Notes

  • New England 6-3 sophomore Aiden Rebel has emerged as the team’s top scoring option. They also put up a good fight against Beach. They may be able to steal some games in their home gym this year. 
  • Heart River is struggling under their new coach Erik Klein. They are going to have to do better on offense to move up the rankings. It’s going to take time to adjust to a new coaching style. 
  • Hettinger-Scranton hasn’t won a game this year. They struggle with defending size and their first two region opponents are DT and Beulah.
  • Killdeer is struggling to find themselves right now. They took last at the Roughrider and haven’t won a game yet. Growing pains for a young team are expected. 

Upcoming Games

Thursday, Dec. 20 :

Heart River welcomes Beulah. Heart River will have a chance to pick up an upset win and Beulah will have a chance to show the voters what they can do when they aren’t facing a top-10 team. 

Mott-Regent heads to Hebron. Both of these teams want a key early-season regional win. Glen Ullin-Hebron handled Mott-Regent in their Roughrider game with ease, winning by 16. Will this game go similarly? 

Friday, Dec. 21: 

Hazen will host Bowman in a Region 7 matchup. Hazen has all the tools to be a top team. But they haven’t built their confidence yet. This will also be Hazen’s home-opener, so expect a packed gym.  We’ll learn a lot about both teams in this matchup. 

Killdeer is making a quick trip to Mandaree. This is a tough non-region game for Killdeer. Mandaree is 5-0 this season and a contender for a state tournament berth in Region 8. 

Saturday, Dec. 22:

Hettinger-Scranton heads to Dickinson Trinity. This game will tell us how much fight Hettinger-Scranton has in them. If they come out flat and never fight it might be how their season goes. If they fight but falter because of Trinity’s depth and talent it might serve as a season turning point.

Beulah and Carrington meet on a neutral court at the Jimmie Basketball Classic hosted by Jamestown.  Up and coming Class B coach Tim Ranum will face off against Beulah coaching legend Jeremy Brandt.  Carrington is receiving votes in the state poll, so this will be a quality chance for the region to pick up a win and grab more media attention.