Posted On: 12/13/18 6:49 AM


Region 7 Standings Ovr Reg. 7 
Dickinson Trinity  2-0  0-0
Mott-Regent  2-0  0-0
Bowman  1-0 0-0
Glen Ullin-Hebron 1-0 0-0
Beulah 0-1 0-0
Hazen 0-1 0-0
Heart River 0-1 0-0
Richardton-Taylor 0-1 0-0
Beach 0-2 0-0
Killdeer 0-2 0-0
New England  0-2 0-0
Hettinger-Scranton 0-3 0-0

Dickinson Trinity looks like the team to beat. They are undefeated and have a win over a top 10 ranked team in the state. Whoever wins the Roughrider will come out as the early season favorite for the Region 7 crown. 

What we learned

  • Dickinson Trinity is already looking strong. They struggled for a half against Shiloh. But once they started reversing the ball and attacking the rim they were fine. This team has weapons Aric Knopick and Matt Stafford have established themselves as the team’s impact players.  
  • Issac Frey emerged as a scoring threat for Mott-Regent this year. He dropped 23 in the first round of the Roughrider.  Mott-Regent is showing top four potential so far. We’ll see how they fair in the Dickinson Trinity matchup today. 
  • Beulah lost to the No. 1-ranked team in the state by 3 points. We learned they can play defense well but are still searching for their offensive identity. If they gel they could be great. 
  • Glen Ullin-Hebron Grant Gerving is a sharpshooter. He went 4 of 7 from deep in the season-opening win.
  • Bowman has a scorer in Caleb Duffield. Duffield a sophomore dropped 35 in his first game of the year. 
  • Hazen had Ryan on the ropes for a little bit. But a series of 3s ruined their attempt at a comeback. They showed us they have a solid offense. But defensively they need work.
  • Beach is 0-2 to start the year. Gage Swanson did what he does putting up 20 plus in two games. But their biggest challenge is rebounding right now. 
  • Hettinger-Scranton is 0-3, which was somewhat expected. No starters back and undersized. They are struggling to defend the pain and make inside shots right now. 
  • Killdeer is struggling on offense. They haven’t topped 50 points yet this season. They’ll be a team trying to grow this year and replace a key senior class. 
  • New England is in a similar situation as Killdeer.  They haven’t topped 50 points yet this season. 

Big upcoming Games

  • Roughrider round 2 and championship round — eight of the teams in the region are at the tournament.  Today & Sat. 
  • Beulah @ No. 8 Four Winds (1-0) — a chance for Beulah to earn a big win. Friday night. 
  • Hazen @ TLMM (1-0) — TLMM has one of the best seniors in the state in Trapper Jacobs. We’ll also see how Hazen fares against Joi Anderson’s zone defense.  Friday Night.

Top 3 Ranking 

1. DT (they have the only top 10 win in the region) 

2. Beulah (program tradition and close game vs. No. 1 team in the state) 

3.  Mott-Regent (won both their games, have a top senior, tied for second most wins in the region)