Unknowns and Undervalued

Posted On: 12/24/18 9:28 PM

Happy Holidays from us at Prep Hoops Texas. We are privileged to be at the inaugural Christmas Crossover. Teams from Houston are taking on teams from across the state as well as teams from Louisiana, Maryland, Oklahoma, and Georgia. Here is who stood-out in day 2 at the event.


Jonathan Aku 6’10 C / 2020 / iSchool  PHTX75

Finished well around the rim. Utilized his strength in the post. Played well in the pick and roll set. Active on the glass and pulled down 16 rebounds. Defensively he is long and athletic plus he alters tons of shots. Finished with 17 points in the game. 


Bakari LaStrap 6’0 PG / 2020 / The Woodlands Christian  PHTX75

Was able to get in the paint whenever he wanted to. Displayed his basketball IQ offensively and defensively. Bakari was decisive with the ball in his hands. He got his teammates involved and dished out 8 assist in the game. He finished the game with 20 points on 10/13 shooting from the field. 


Zach Golaszewski 6’0 SG / 2019 / The Woodlands Christian

Zach was shot the ball well from deep. Super active on the defensive side of the ball. Came away with 5 steals in the game. Displayed quick hands with great lateral movement. Dished out 5 assist in the game. Finished with 19 points and shot 5/12 from behind the arc.


Nash Golaszewski 6’4 SG / 2020 / The Woodlands Christian

Was lights out from deep early in the game. Knocking down 3 deep balls in a row. In the second half of the game he begin to make one dribble pull-ups in the mid-range. Displayed active hands defensively with several tipped passes. Led the team in rebounding, pulling down 5 boards. Finished the game with 18 points. He shot 7/13 from the field and 4/7 from behind the arc.


Devon Barnes 6’0 PG / 2021 / Lawton Christian (OK)

This young prospect has game. He is a quick point guard with good vision. Uses triple threat moves to set up his defender every time. Has a good handle on the ball. Was very pesky at times defensively. Finished the game with 31 points, brought down 7 rebounds, dished out 4 assist, and came away with 4 steals. He shot 11/25 from the field, 4/12 from behind the arc, and netted 5/7 foul shots. 


Didier Kanyinda 6’10 C / 2022 / Lawton Christian (OK)

This freshman started off a little slow but quickly adapted by the 2nd quarter. Has a ton of potential once full coordination sets in place. Played a solid game overall. He was active on the offensive glass. Blocked shots and closed out on his defenders. Has decent footwork in the post. He finished with 13 points on 4/9 shooting from the field and 5/10 from the foul line. Grabbed 11 rebounds. Blocked 5 shouts. 


Ta’Riq Jordan 6’4 SG / 2020 / Lawton Christian (OK)

Shot the ball well for the Crusaders. He made the most of his possessions. Made smart shooting decisions of when to shoot and not. Moves well without the ball in his hands. Finished with 14 points on 6/8 shooting from the field and 2/2 from behind the arc. 


Tayvion Fisher-Peavy 6’3 PG / 2019 / Foster  

Plays with one speed, super fast. He is so quick with his first step that he blew by his defender every time. He utilized his speed to get to the rim and get in the lane. He is still getting in basketball shape, this was his second game that he has played. Still learning his new freshman teammates who have been holding down the team. Played solid overall, his shots were not falling for him this game. Finished with 14 points, 5 rebounds, 2 assist, and 2 steals.


Chancellor White 6’4 SG / 2022 / Foster

This young freshman is the teams leading scorer on the season so far. He didn’t slack off in this game against the tough foe Universal Academy. Got to the lane. Had some good looks from deep. Played solid defense overall. Finished the game with 14 points on 3/9 shooting from behind the arc.


RJ Keene 6’6 SF / 2021 / Concordia Lutheran PHTX50

Had another solid game on day 2. He shot the ball well from the field shooting 7/9. Knocked down some big trey balls also where he went 5/7. He ran the floor well and filled the lanes correctly. Grabbed 7 rebounds in the game. Finished the game with a team high of 21 points. 


Montavious Murphy 6’9 PF / 2019 / Concordia Lutheran PHTX100

The Kansas State commit had a solid outing. Was active on the glass the entire game and hauled in 12 rebounds, 9 of them were defensive boards. He was altering shots and blocked 3 shots in the game. Finished with 11 points. He didn’t shoot the ball that well this game, but he made up for it in his effort.


Byron Joshua 5’10 PG / 2020 / Crescent City (LA) #10 Prep Hoops Louisiana class of 2020

Quickness was still on full display on day 2. He was able to penetrate the lane and get his teammates involved. His decisiveness allowed him to get by defenders and draw contact once he got in the lane. He was hitting his teammates right in the hands with all his passes. Played solid defensively on ball and in the zone. Finished the game with 14 points and 6 assist. 


Jordin Farrell 6’2 G / 2020 / Crescent City (LA)

Came in with the same energy that he had on day 1 of the showcase. This prospect was all over the court giving his opponent fits on the defensive side of the ball. He reaches a lot but he gets locked in on watching his opponents waist line. He finished well around the rim on put backs and also knocked down a contested trey ball. Finished with 11 points and 10 rebounds (5 offensive; 5 defensive). 


Elijah Lawrence 6’0 PG / 2021 / Bellaire

Plays very scrappy and gets after it on the defensive side of the ball. Crafty guard who can create his own shot. Has active hands on defense and came away with 3 steals. Shot the ball well from deep, he went 3/5 from behind the arc. Finished the game with 23 points shot 3/5 from deep. 


Doug Young 6’1 PG / 2019 / Bellaire

Came out on fire from deep in the game, he knocked down 2 trey balls back to back to start the game. Then he hit another deep trey ball to start the 2nd quarter. Scrappy defender who gets all in his opponents grill. He got into foul trouble early in the game. Has great hands defensively, and plays the passing lanes. He has a quick first step and plays with multiple speeds. Finished the game with 16 points (had 14 at the half). He shot 3/6 from behind the arc.


Zachary Harris 6’5 F / 2019 / Bellaire

Has good speed and plays hard defense on his opponents on both the perimeter and the block. He altered shots and deflected passes. Has active hands and came away with 3 steals and had 2 blocks. Finished the game with 17 points and shot 6/12 from the field. 


Ronell Giles Jr 6’4 CG / 2019 / C.H. Flowers (MD) #48 Prep Hoops Maryland class of 2019

Quick guard that gets to where he wants to be on the floor. Played solid off the ball as well. A score first type point who looks to dish secondly. Plays solid on ball defense also. His game was very consistent in both games that he played on day 2. Vocal guard on the floor. Carries the team on his back. Finished with a 11.5 points per game average, with his high being 14 points. 


Arthur Kaluma 6’7 SF / 2021 / Universal Academy PHTX50

The top player in the state of Texas class of 2021. He was able to get where he wanted when he wanted to get there. Showcased his pull-up game from all three levels.  Played with his back to the rim from the perimeter and knocked down some fade away shots. Showed great footwork and ball fakes throughout both games. Played very consistent in both games. Took over in the moments he needed to and got his teammates involved. Has a great handle on the ball. His average in the two games was 22 points per game average, with his high being 23 points. Pulled down 8.5 rebounds per game. Dished out 6.5 assist per game. Stole and blocked shots with a 1.5 average. 


Jaylin Posey 6’3 SG / 2020 / Univeral Academy PHTX75

Jaylin plays better off the ball then with the ball in his hands. Very active defender that has active hands. Uses his athleticism to block shots also. For a guard he is a good shot blocker. Plays great perimeter defense. He attacked the lane well from the wing position. Played good in transition and finished over bigger defenders. Finished with a 16.5 points per game average, his game high was 17 points and shot 4/6 from behind the arc. He averaged 4 steals per game, and 2.5 blocks per game. 


Jaquan Scott 6’8 PF / 2020 / Universal Academy PHTX75

A stretch four that runs the floor well. Played solid in the high post and short corner. Active on the glass. Plays physical down low on the block defensively. He shot the ball well from the floor overall 12/24 and 2/4 from behind the arc. Played very solid both games with a consistent performance. Averaged 14.5 points per game, his high was 20 points. Pulled down 7 rebounds per game and swatted 1.5 blocks per game.


Howard Turner 6’1 G / 2019 / Universal Academy

One of the best bench players that a coach would love to have on his team. Comes in the game with a lot of energy and plays a major role when hes on the floor. Plays the passing lanes defensively. Doesn’t over play his man. He makes the right plays at the right times and gets his teammates involved averaged 4 assist per game. He was also active on the boards and averaged 4.5 rebounds per game. Finished the showcase with a 10.5 points per game average. His high was 12 points. 


Anthony Edwards 6’5 SG / 2019 / Holy Spirit (GA) #1 Prep Hoops Georgia class of 2019, ESPN #4 class of 2019, 247 Sports #4 class of 2019, Rivals #3 class of 2019

He was able to get to the rim at will. He plays with a super high motor. Showed off his bounce in the game multiple times. Had a nasty throw down that literally shook the building. Played a little opposite then last time, got to cooking fast and making highlights in the 1st quarter. He was active on the glass and also got his teammates involved in the game. He played the best defense that i seen the entire showcase and guarded the opposing teams best players. He only gave up 8 points in the entire game defensively.  He finished with 32 points and 7 rebounds in the game.


DeAndre Brown 6’2 SG / 2020 / Holy Spirit (GA) #51 Prep Hoops Georgia class of 2020

This lefty has game. He got game and it can’t be denied. Plays with a great motor. Has good hands defensively and was active all over the floor defensively. He came away with 2 steals in the game. He also grabbed 5 rebounds. He finished the game with 24 points and shot the ball well despite his shooting wrist being injured. He shot 8/12 from the field and 4/6 from deep. Knocked down all his free throws 4/4. 


Ahmir Langlais 6’9 C / 2019 / Holy Spirit (GA) #25 Prep Hoops Georgia class of 2019

Ran the floor well after buckets made and in transition. Played solid in the paint showcasing his ability to work the low block. Was active on the glass and showed his athleticism. He was a force in the middle defensively blocking 3 shots. Has decent lateral movement and long wingspan that helped him to come away with 2 steals. He finished the game with 12 points and 10 rebounds. 


Collin Warren 6’4 SG / 2019 / Fort Bend Elkins  PHTX100

Collin came out on the attack to prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. He got to the rim and finished despite the contact. He also shot the ball well from deep. He got up and threw down two dunks in the game. He had a lot of and-1 baskets. He was beating his man off the dribble. Finished the game with 27 points and shot 9/15 from the field. Went 2/5 from deep, and 7/8 from the stripe. 


Donovan Williams 6’5 SF / 2019 / Fort Bend Elkins  PHTX100

Stretch struggled in the first half of the game. He played solid defense the entire game. Started the game off with a block shot. Had active hands defensively with 3 deflected passes and he came away with 1 steal. He had 21 points in the game and shot 9/18 from the field. 


Prep Hoops Texas Rankings Top (100 for class of 2019, 75 for class of 2020, 50 for class of 2021, and 25 for class of 2022).