Posted On: 12/11/18 8:00 AM

We are a good portion of away through the season and I think it is time to look at some region standings and discuss what the potential future may look like for these regions/teams. Here is the 5A Southern Overview:

Standings: As of 12/9/18

1. Ironwood Ridge 1-0 (Region) 2-2 (Conference) 2-3 (Overall)

2. Buena 0-0 (Region) 3-0 (Conference) 4-1 (Overall)

3. Cienega 0-0 (Region) 2-1 (Conference) 3-1 (Overall)

4. Marana 0-0 (Region) 1-1 (Conference) 3-2 (Overall)

5. Sunnyside 0-0 (Region) 0-0 (Conference) 2-3 (Overall)

6. Nogales 0-1 (Region) 1-1 (Conference) 4-2 (Overall)

Top Players:

CJ Cervantes (Nogales): I have liked everything I have seen of this kid. He impresses me more and more every time I see him play. He is a very tough match up due to his entire game. He is a pure knock down shooter, you cannot leave this guy open, even an inch of room and he will make you pay. He also has great handles and speed, making it easy for him to get into the paint and kick to his teammates for open 3’s. 

JT Elder (Cienega): JT is one of my favorite prospects of the 2021 Class. He has continued to gain more and more college interest, now from GCU and Texas Tech. The praise and interest is very well deserved as he has led this team in nearly every statistical category. 

D’Marco Dunn (Marana): Dunn is the lifeline of the Marana team. This team will go as far as Dunn takes them and will fall once he stops scoring in bunches the way he does on a nightly basis. 


I think the current standings are a little misleading at this point. For example, Nogales is dead last in the current standings, this will surely change. Nogales is a very talented team and will rebound from their upset loss to Ironwood Ridge. Speaking of Ironwood Ridge, while they currently sit at number 1, I think their days are numbered at that spot. They are a very young team and I think there best chance for success comes next season. As for this season, I think Buena, Marana, and Cienega just have too much firepower that is ready right now to contend for the region. I think Buena ends up winning the region but would not be surprised in Cienega took it. JT Elder wins player of the year without question.