Posted On: 12/7/18 12:45 PM

I started to think about USA Basketball, and how they compete with different rosters for the FIBA World Championship and the Olympic Gold. What if Alabama had to assemble a 12 man roster for a national competition?  Obviously, this team would need scoring ability, defense, rebounding, shooting, passing, and good character. Who would make the roster?

Starting Five

Cameron Tucker (Wenonah): Tucker fills the starting point guard role. We want some who can distribute the ball and pick up 94 feet. Tucker is a quick guard who can knock down shots as well.

Malik Tyson (Sparkman): Starting at shooting guard is Tyson. Malik is the ultimate team guy, and his skill set fits multiple roles. Tyson has a pit bull mentality.

Jaykwon Walton (Carver-Montgomery): Walton starts at the 3. He is a natural scorer and super athletic. At 6’7, he can fits our need for the ability to play multiple positions and defend multiple positions. Walton would be a primary offensive option.

Trendon Watford (Mountain Brook): Watford slides in at the 4. Watford would be relied upon to be a primary option. At 6’8, Trendon’s skill set makes him a matchup nightmare on both ends. Watford would easily give us 20 and 10. 

Demond Robinson (Lee-Montgomery): Robinson is a 6’8 bruiser. He is hard to guard on the block, and he will gobble up rebounds. He play with his back to the basket or face up.



Kareem Thompson (Florence): Thompson has a lot of ability and skill. At 6’5, he can play all three perimeter spots. Kareem is another team guy and a swiss army knife.

DeAntoni Gordon (Leflore): Gordon is a super athletic forward. He has improved ball skill and a high motor. At 6’8, Gordon could play 3-5.

Cooper Meadows (Prattville Christian): Cooper has the size (6’6), skill set, shooting ability, and athleticism to play 2-4. Meadows plays hard every night. 

Kobe Brown (Lee-Huntsville): Brown uses his size and skill set to bully people on the court. He can guard 2-4. He’s a natural fit for the 3.

Eddie Smith (Huffman): Smith is a tough competitor. At 6’2 he can play both guard spots. He can score on all three levels and can pick up the ball 94 feet.

Nathan Moore (Huntsville): Moore is a skilled 6’8 big. He rebounds well and is an underrated rim protector. Moore doesn’t need plays ran for him.

Austin Laatsch (Spain Park): Laatsch is a sniper and has a high IQ. At 6’4 he can play the 2 and 3.