West Coast Elite Standouts — Class of 2020 Guards


Posted On: 11/5/18 1:12 PM

The prestigious West Coast Elite Colorado All-Star Camp took place this weekend at Adams City High School. The camp brought out an interesting bunch as it was led by the underclassmen for a change. Of those, it was the guards that controlled the day, here is who really stood out in the 2020 class.

Kaleb Chaney — Overland

Kaleb is quietly carving out one of the most impressive off seasons for a player that doesn’t go out and score a ton of points. He is a guard that gets it done in a multitude of ways and has been on the radars for the full summer so seeing him stand out here was no surprise. He has a very high basketball IQ and is a leader that sets the tone on defense. He runs the offense well and is also a capable shooter. His stock is VERY high right now and he is poised for a big season.

Ty Foster – Lincoln

Foster is one of the state’s best players and top overall guards. The way that he impacts the game with the ball in his hands is what separates him most. He is a quick and wiry guard and is athletic. He gets to his spots and makes defenders pay with his ability to finish or dish it to the open man. His leadership is his best quality and his play is why Lincoln should be one of the state’s best teams.

Darius Hornbuckle

Hornbuckle is a bucket. He is one of the state’s most capable scorers and I expect him to average around 20 points a game this year for the Spartans. He is a player that can score from all three levels and can shoot the ball well which opens things up for the rest of his game. He attacks the defender and makes plays at the basket and has a set of moves he goes to for every occasion. It was nice to see Hornbuckle in a two-guard role as Kobe Sanders was on his team and he showed that he can also be a great off-ball player. This weekend was one of Hornbuckle’s better weekends so let’s hope that continues.

Lian Romero – Grandview

Lian is just a different player these days than before. He is a great playmaker that doesn’t have to have the ball in his hands, but when he does –great things happen. He has great court vision and a feel for the game that plays come easy. He is an underrated ball handler that gets to the rim easier than most and he can finish with either hand when at the rim. He has been showing great confidence in his scoring ability since the end of last season and will have a bigger role going forward for the defending champs. This upcoming season will be his best season I’m sure and he will surely be a player that takes the state by storm. Tune in to Lian.

Kobe Sanders – Chaparral

Sanders is one of those players that things just look too easy for. He has a smooth game that fits every single team in the state. He is a true point guard that truly understands the game of basketball and that opens things up. He is a good shooter, he has great court vision, is a pass first player and makes everyone around him better each time out. While most have a hard time playing alongside other top players Kobe seems to fit in seamlessly and stand out with. He had a great showing at the West Coast Elite camp and that play will surely carry on into the season.