Posted On: 11/7/18 4:13 PM

The prestigious West Coast Elite Colorado All-Star Camp took place this past weekend at Adams City High School. The camp brought out an interesting bunch as it was led by the underclassmen for a change. While the guards stole the show in 2020, it was the 2019 big men that made their presence known and brought out some new suspects to consider. Here are a few that stood out.

Malik Patton – George Washington

Malik is not a very well-known name but this past weekend he looked like one of the top players and was a player that really stood out. He got out and ran the break and finished. Showed that he was a capable scorer even though it’s not his strong suit—although he is improving and also that he can impact the game on the defensive end. Patton owned the paint. He blocked shots and altered many layups while making it difficult for the opposing big men to get comfortable. Patton is a name to watch for the Patriots as he impressed at the WCE Camp.

Jack Olson – Legacy

Jack is a player that had a good summer and has only upped his play. He is also a player that has progressed every year and is really to put it all together. At the West Coast Elite camp, he was a big man that used his size to get whatever he wanted offensively and opened things up on the floor. He is a player that is great in pick and roll situations and can do plenty of things with the ball in his hands. He is an improving back to the basket player with soft touch that moves well. He catches and finishes offensively and uses his size on the defensive end to change the game as well. Jack is a player that meshes well with each team and gives his unit a chance to win.

Yusef Washington – Denver East

Yusef was a player that I really felt stood out at the WCE because he is a player that does it all. He finishes with either hand and has a good feel around the rim. He has speed and footwork that allows him to get easy baskets at the rim and he is also a big man that can get a rebound and start the offense himself. He is active on the boards, a player that the offense could run through at times and showed that he can change the game with his defense. He blocks shots as well as can switch onto a smaller defender. He will be a weapon that East uses this year and is definitely on our radar.

Clayton Findley-Ponds – Denver East

Clayton is a player that does all the things you need in a big man. Sets solid picks, runs the floor well, catches the ball and alters shots at the rim. He is not a big-time scorer and that is something that will have to change this year as East will rely on him to get those scrappy boards and be able to go up after. He is an athletic big man that can hurt a team in multiple ways and when it all comes together it will be interesting to see his ceiling as I think there is so much untapped potential in him.

Jackson Tanner – Boulder

Jackson was one of the biggest players there on the day and with that he showed the ways that he can impact the game. He’s raw in every sense of the word but once it all comes together will be a very great player for a program. Boulder will need to have him at his best as this is a big year for him to prove that he belongs on the court. He moves well, has great footwork and knows how to use his size. He is a player that will have to progress on many parts of his game, but with that size will shock many.