Posted On: 11/28/18 8:58 AM

Myrtle Beach 2021 Guard Ayden Hickman: Ayden was one of the best shooters in the building and we were pleasantly surprised to find out that he was only a sophomore. He moves well without the ball, coming off all types of screens and sets to knock down shots. His ability to create his own offense was also something that we really liked, he can get by defenders with a minimal amount of dribbling and uses jabs/fakes properly.

West Brunswick 2021 Guard Makoa Suriago: The improvements that he continues to make on a regular basis is something that we are excited about as we feel he can be a special player and prospect before its all said and done. He’s grown some and has added to his frame muscle wise, so don’t be shocked to see him over 6 foot and even stronger when his junior year hits. His shooting efficiency was high, he knocked down shots from midrange as well as three point shots regardless of the defensive pressure he faced. He played off the ball at times but did a nice job of running the team when he slid over to the PG spot, Makoa is one to keep a very close eye on!

Ashley HS 2021 Guard Kalani Harris: Showed some flashes of how good he can be, he’s about 6’ and has the ability to play on or off the ball. We didn’t see him shoot the ball too often but he was aggressive to attack and make plays for others which showed the unselfishness that he plays the game with.

South Robeson 2021 Guard Syncere Southern: My first time getting a chance to see this young man play was a few years back at a local AAU tournament. He showed the same traits that impressed us back then, which were his ability to break down a defensive and finding teammates with nice passes.

Trask HS 2022 Guard Robert Pridgen: We like the potential of this youngster, he has a chance to be a good player as long as he stays locked in and continues to work. He moved well without the ball, got after it on the defensive end, and already is showing the willingness to be coached.