Undersized and Underrated (Guards)

High School

Posted On: 11/7/18 5:03 PM

Undersized guards are often undervalued and these prospects are no exception to the rule. Here’s a look at a couple of prospects who have a lot of value to offer despite their size.

Savian Edwards (2019)- Washburn Rural High School

Listed at 5’10’’, Savian is a quick point guard who can cause fits for opposing defenses as he has no problem getting into the paint and facilitating appropriately.

Playing with SSA Elite this summer, he played against high level competition and was able to make adequate contributions and be a big part of their success.

He will be a major catalyst for Washburn Rural and add value to a program next year with his speed, vision, and ability to make plays offensively.

Ceddie Payne II (2019)- Independent High School

Ceddie was a major producer this summer for the River City Elite Black team as the statistical leader in almost every category.

He is exceptional at driving lane lines and making plays in the paint and tirelessly works on improving his game whether he’s in season or out of season.

Also listed at 5’10’’, Ceddie is an undersized guard who can play on or off the ball and will be the major focal point of the Independent team heading into his senior season.

Carlos Paez (2019)- Sunrise Christian PGB

A 5’11’’ point guard for the Sunrise postgrad team, Carlos plays with ferocity and passion which gives him an instant edge on either side of the ball against any given team.

He is a highly skilled prospect from Venezuela who hosts a smaller frame but compensates with exceptional court vision, feel for the game, and overall IQ.

He has competed at high levels over summer being involved with the Mokan program and is entering year three as a part of Sunrise Christian Academy.

He has also proven himself to be a leader on the court able to challenge teammates and get them to perform at a high level.

Chase Schreiner (2019)- Maize High School

Chase was a good complement to Caleb Grill last year not only creating opportunities for his teammates but able to create offense for himself through his shooting ability.

He uses his quickness well and is a difference maker offensively who will have ample opportunities with Caleb Grill garnering the majority of the attention from defenses.

Jaren Jackson (2020)- Augusta High School

Jaren is another small point guard who can have a big impact. He is disruptive on defense and offensively can do an array of things with the ball.

He can be a scoring threat hosting a quick release on his jumper, is quick with the ball, and is also good in transition.

Jaren will be a key contributor as an upperclassman at Augusta.

Isaiah Collins (2020)- Wichita South High School

Collins only stands at about 5’8’’ but has really good strength for his size and quickness to accompany that.

He has a really good motor that propels him on defense and allows him to get easy buckets in transition, oftentimes being rewarded for his solid defensive play.