Posted On: 11/19/18 6:27 PM

With so much going on we had this interview sitting on file from the Trinity Christian college day, well as the saying goes, better late than never so we are taking the time now to share this with you all. We got the chance to talk with Greg Gantt, KJ Marshall and Talton Jones about the upcoming season, recruitment, the team roster and much more.

Q: You guys are stepping into more of a leadership role this year, how do you come into the season differently than previous years?

Greg: Definitely the sense of urgency, we are seniors this year so it will be our last time playing together this year. Our goal once is again is coming out on top with a state championship, losing players Like Audiese and Joey opens up everything from rebound, scoring to minuets so everybody just has to step up. All of us are a year better from last year so we just have to come into the season with a killer mentality.

KJ: We just have to come out fast, everybody is trying to get a feel for each other so we can be successful. We need everybody to play hard, talk on defense, get up and down the court, and just keep a killers mentality. Losing two of our top scorers from last year just means Talton and I have to step up, everybody knows how Greg is going to be this season, he’s a top 50 player.

Talton: The same thing as they said, just coming out with the mentality to win games and play hard every time we step on the court. This will be my 3rd season here and for this last season we want to try and finish it out strong, hopefully another state championship ring.

Q: You guys spoke of Losing Audiese and Joey but you gain Todd Burtt & DJ Horne that can both help out. How did you feel they can fit in with the squad?

Greg: They already fit in with us, even in the classroom. They are funny guys that like to laugh and joke just like us, that’s where the brotherhood starts, off the court. So on the court it’s just chemistry, playing together, knowing what they are good at, I feel like we lost and gained in the off season so it’s bitter but sweet.

Q: Mindset wise for you Talton, what are you looking to do this season role wise? More Scoring?

Talton: Bringing more points for sure, playing with Flight over the summer as a main player on the team had me with a more aggressive mindset. So I’m looking to bring that same mindset over here to trinity, not necessarily taking more shots but making more shots.

KJ: Still pretty much the same role for me on the squad, being a leader on the team. Losing Joey and Audiese is losing a lot of scoring of course Talton and myself will both look to help put up some points because with the tough schedule that we play, you have to score the ball. Being more aggressive, getting to the rim some more, and more midranges instead of shooting as many threes as I did last year.

Q: Greg we know your recruitment is done with you heading to Providence, but for KJ and Talton, how has recruitment been for you all?

Talton: High Point University, Liberty, New Mexico, Mercer, Charlotte and VCU for right now.

KJ: Elon, Barton and Queens have all been hitting me up recently, I’m just looking to continue to build and going thru the whole recruitment process. It’s not about where you go but instead it’s about why you go there and how you fit in with the program on and off the court. It’s not something I’m too worried about at this point though, first thing is the state championship then after that it’s on to the next chapter.

Q: For guys that are younger than you all, what’s the advice that you would give them as far as playing in front of coaches and things of that nature?

Greg: Play to your strengths, if somebody is watching you, you don’t want to experiment on what you can possibly do. You work on that stuff behind closed doors until you’re comfortable enough to do it in a game.

TaltonJust tune everybody out, listen to your coaches and teammates, just play to your strengths and play hard every possession.

KJ: A lot of coaches want guys that can play defense, talking and defense are some things that will grab coaches’ attention. Do what you do, if you’re good at being a spot up shooter, then don’t try to come and be like Kyrie, just play to your strengths.