Posted On: 11/3/18 2:58 PM


Shooting skills were on full display at the Elite 14 Showcase. Here are the top performers from long distance:

Silas Elliott 2019 Northwest Classen

Elliott was a pleasant surprise due to the ease at which he scored the ball. The veteran lefty was huge impact for NWC on the offensive end. 

He has nice smooth release where it has a chance to go in on most spot up shots. Elliot played really well this morning and he is just another weapon for the Knights. 

Neal Utrup 2021 Prosper

One of the younger shooters on the list, Utrup was a big part of why Prosper dominated this morning. 

Utrup was really efficient from three even though he got a lot of open opportunities.

His teammates always knew that the sophomore was waiting to show off his quick release. 

Davion Warden 2020 Northwest Classen

Warden is a good wing prospect to keep an eye out for. The 6’3 wing did a great job of communicating and being a leader. 

The junior wing was most effective in spot up situations when given space he knocked it down.

Most of his threes were momentum shots that increased the energy for the Knights. 

Warden will be a big contributor for NWC with a bigger role. 

Jaedeen Whitten 2022 Hirschi

Whitten is only 5’11 but he made his presence known this morning.

You couldn’t tell this freshmen was playing in some first varsity action of his career.

Whitten was a bright spot for Hirschi which struggled versus some tough competition.

There wasn’t many instances where the freshmen point guard hit the rim. He has a bright future with the shooting skills he possesses. 

Evan Eschelman 2019 Norman North

Norman North is loaded with skilled offensive players but today Eschelman really stood out. His effortless release allows for him to get shots in volume. 

The Twolves have numerous guys on their roster that could make this list.

They do a great job of putting their players in position to be successful.

Eschelman was the beneficiary today and he made it pay off. 

Ty Caswell 2019 SH Rider

Caswell was one of the big reasons why so many coaches filed into the gym when he was about to step on the floor. 

Caswell is the prototype stretch forward standing at 6’7 and a natural jumper.

He is a gifted passer and he used those skills more when the defense recognized the type of threat he was from deep. 

Caswell was the most skilled player on the floor at any position and it all started with his elite shooting ability.