Posted On: 11/4/18 6:10 PM

There were many dynamic scorers at the 2018 Elite 14 Showcase. Here are a few scorers that I personally saw Saturday. This is in no particular order.

Trey Alexander Guard 6’4 Wing (2021 Heritage Hall) – One of the most dangerous players with the ball in his hands. He can score from anywhere on the court off the dribble. He knocked down three-pointers all day long and was able to fight his way to the rim and finish through traffic. Alexander can take over any game on his own.

Micah Thomas Wing 6’0 Point Guard (2019 Putnam City North) – Was doing it all for the Panthers on Saturday as he could score from anywhere. He knocked down shots from the outside and was finishing through traffic inside. When he wasn’t, he was great at forcing the other team to foul him in the paint to give himself free-throws.

Devon Barnes 6’0 Guard 2021 (Lawton Christian) – Is the leader of his team. He sparks the offense with his outside shooting. Barnes was one of the most consistent knockdown shooters at the Elite Showcase. During the showcase he drained a 3-pointer off the dribble, stole a pass, and on the ensuing play, he knocked down another 3-pointer off the dribble from the same spot.

Julian Smith Guard 6’0 2019 (Sapulpa) – Plays with a lot of confidence. And for good reason, Smith is a great scorer and will be a great offensive weapon for the Chieftains. He is a high volume shooter but he converts on a good percentage of his attempts.

MJ Warrior Guard 6’2 2020 (Putnam City West) – Can really create shots for himself off the ball. He is constantly in the right position at the right times. With this ability, he was able to knock down multiple shots from behind the arc and in the mid-range. 

Isaiah Williams 6’5 Wing 2020 (Millwood) – A lengthy player who can get to the rim at will with his handling abilities. But he doesn’t just use his length to shoot over defenders in the paint. Williams is very crafty as he has nice euro step-fingeroll combo that he uses to get around defenders in the paint to finish.

Tobias Roland 6’4 Guard 2021 (Putnam City North) – is a dynamic scorer. He uses his athleticism to get to the rim and the free throw line. Roland is very good at moving without the ball, he creates a lot of open shots for himself this way. Many times throughout the Showcase, Roland was catching alley-oops and throwing it down in the fast break.

Rondel Walker 6’4 Guard 2020 (Putnam City West) – Has a high basketball IQ. He anchors PC West’s intensified defensive team. Throughout the Expo, he was forcing steals and causing havoc on defense, many of which led to him scoring on the other end. His most notable defensive play was when he stole the ball, from a player coming up the floor, and finished on the other end. But not only was he working on the defensive end, but Walker was also knocking down shots from outside. He has a smooth jumper that he’s not afraid to show it.

Jahmius Ramsey 6’5 Guard 2019 (Duncanville) – A Texas kid, but his play was so outstanding that he is worth mentioning here. Ramsey is a highlight reel scorer. He has a flashy game, as on the first play of the game against Heritage Hall he made the defender fall from a step back and then drained the shot. While knocking down three-pointers from outside Ramsey was also able to beat his man to the rim and finish. He has everything a pure scorer needs: length, a nice jumper, and the ability to handle the ball.

Jayden Bray 6’3 Guard 2021 (Norman) – It’s not that Bray scores in bundles on his own but he generates a lot of points for his team a with the ball in his hands. He controls the floor well as he creates open looks for himself and his teammates. His greatest strength is that he knows how to run an offense, he calls out plays and points guys to the right spot. With him, in the game, the Tigers offense is much more lethal.