Arizona 6A

Posted On: 11/3/18 8:00 AM

The jump from high school ball to college is a big leap for players. The game is much faster and the players are much stronger. Getting your body right and being in the best physical shape you can be in will surely help the transition for high school players into the college game. Here are the most college ready bodies in the Class of 2021:

DaRon Holmes (Millennium 2021):

First off, we have Holmes listed as 6’7 but I would argue that he has grown to 6’8-6’9. Holmes is also a lot stronger than I feel most people give him credit for. He has the capability to bang down low and he will only continue to get stronger as he gets older. 

Ty Ty Washington (Cesar Chavez 2021):

Washington has a rare combination of strength and quickness. He is very hard to guard due to these traits. If you are not as strong as him, he will bully you. If you are as strong as him, you probably aren’t as quick as he is and he will give you one dribble move and go. 

JT Elder (Cienega 2021):

JT has grown to a solid 6’8 and is extremely strong. The thing I love about Elder’s game is that he’s a wing. By the time he graduates high school, he could seriously be a 6’9-6’10 strong wing. Name one college that would not love to have that on their roster. 

DeMarco Dunn (Marana 2021):

Dunn is 6’2 and is very strong. Dunn has the strength to finish with contact at the rim. I would like him to get faster, as of right now he is quicker than most of his competition but that won’t be the case in college. However, I have no doubt in my mind that Dunn is committed enough to put in the work and continue to develop as an athlete. 

Carter Van Hammond (Perry 2021):

Carter has great size and movement, especially for his size. Most high school players at his height are a little goofy and awkward. However, Carter moves around the court just fine and is a fine athlete. I would like him to get stronger, just as I stated with DeMarco Dunn, I have no doubt in my mind that Carter will continue to get stronger as he goes through high school.