Arizona 6A

Posted On: 11/1/18 8:00 AM

The jump from high school ball to college is a big leap for players. The game is much faster and the players are much stronger. Getting your body right and being in the best physical shape you can be in will surely help the transition for high school players into the college game. Here are the most college ready bodies in the Class of 2019:

Terry Armstrong 6’7 (Bella Vista 2019):

Terry is listed on some sites at 6’6 and others at 6’8, let’s call him 6’7 for arguments sake. Armstrong is very strong, long, and quick. He’s a phenomenal athlete and the University of Arizona just landed themselves a player ready to make an impact. Their 2019 recruiting class is very impressive with Nico Mannion, Terry Armstrong, and Josh Green. I believe Terry has the body to play at the next level right now. 

Majok Deng 6’5 (Salpointe 2019):

Majok has put on a ton of muscle and he should have no problem when it comes to strength at the next level. Being pushed around is not uncommon for college freshman because you simply aren’t strong enough yet and have to go through a growing phase in order to get stronger. In Deng’s case, I think he is already strong enough to play at the next level. 

Dischon Thomas 6’9 (Hillcrest Prep 2019):

Thomas is very long and quite the athlete, not only for his size but for anyone. He’s very mobile and that will make him a college prospect ready to contribute. His length and athleticism makes him very scary in transition, especially since he has the capability to start the break himself. 

Otis Frazier 6’5 (Buckeye 2019):

Otis is ready to play wing at the next level. His strength and athleticism puts him into an immediate position of advantage against his opposition. If I can be candid, he looks like a grown man playing with children in almost every game. He has incredible athletic gifts that will surely benefit him immediately at the next level. 

Keaton Rodgers 6’5 (Sandra Day 2019):

Keaton will make an impact at the next level due to the same reasons Deng and Frazier will. Rodgers is very strong, often bullying his defender into the post. Rodgers is also very quick and has fast twitch muscles that make it easy for him to get around his defender. These traits will allow him to have an immediate impact at the next level from day one he steps onto a college campus.