Posted On: 11/25/18 8:16 PM

The point guard position is probably the most important on the high school level. If a team does not have a point guard that can facilitate and score in this era of high octane basketball, that team is probably struggling on the offensive end. That same point guard also needs to make key plays and be a leader on defense. In district 1-4A, they have a few point guards that fit this bill. Matter of fact, this district might have the top point guards in the state.

Tramichael “T-Mike” Moton / 6’1″ / 2019 / Woodlawn-Shreveport (pictured above)

Moton, a two time second team all-state member, is the best all-around guard of the 1-4A point guards.  While his best attribute is probably his ability to finish around the basket, he has improved on making pinpoint passes to players in scoring position.  During the Hall of Fame game against Ouachita, where he struggled on offense, he made passes that allowed his shooters to shoot in rhythm.  Those passes, along with the constant pressure he places on opposing guards with the dribble, allowed his Woodlawn team put up 80 points.  Moton’s leaping ability and improved three point shooting also make him dangerous as a lead guard.  When all of these attributes are mixed with his competitiveness, it is no wonder why T-Mike is one of the best point guards to lace them up in the state.   

Kaalas Roots / 6’0″ / 2019 / Bossier High School

This all-district performer is the best defender out of the point guards.  Roots, night after night, takes on the challenge of guarding the best offensive guard or wing for the opposition.  Just this season he has had to guard Darius Smith (Peabody), Kyron Gibson (Peabody), CJ Carpenter (Natchitoches Central) and SD Ellis (Southwood).  Regardless of the offensive player, Roots hangs his hat on being better than his opposite number.  Most nights he is the victor.  Roots is also very good from the mid-range and at assisting others.  He does not score in bunches but he makes timely shots.  Kaalas is also not afraid of the big moment.  Whether it is on offense or defense, with the pass or a defensive stop, he is able to concentrate and make the best play for his team.  There is not a better defensive point guard than him in the state.  

Herman Key / 5’9″ / 2020 / Booker T. Washington-Shreveport

When Booker T. moved up to 1-4A, they placed the keys in Herman’s hands.  He played alongside a prolific scorer (Le’traveon Jones) and learned how to run a team the best way he could.  After spending a summer with LA Select, Key has improved his ability to run a team even more.  Key has come out the season and made himself a threat offensively.  However, he seems to know the right time to initiate his own offense.  Evidence of this was during the scrimmages before the season.  Key shot it well from three which opened up his ability to penetrate the paint.  By improving his offense, Key has found a way to make the team better.  In this district, the ability to score and distribute definitely makes Key one of the better point guards we have in Louisiana. 

Dylan Slaid / 5’8″ / 2021 / Benton High School

New Benton head coach Todd Martinez has a bevy of guards that he rotates in and out during games.  Slaid is his lefty point guard with floppy hair.  When he is in the game, the offense picks up for the Tigers.  Slaid is a crafty point guard who has range out to 23 feet.  He also has end to end speed unmatched by most guards.  With his slight frame, one would think he can not take hits driving to the basket but he can.  His combination of shooting and driving ability makes him an offensive threat almost anywhere on the floor.  On defense, he has a knack for playing passing lanes.  This allows Slaid to gather steals off the ball and transition to offense immediately.  Slaid will surprise some during the season.  However, once they see him, they will realize he is one of the better point guards around.  

Jacoby Decker / 5’8″ / 2019 / Bossier High School

Decker is the best scoring point guard 1-4A has.  He may be the top scoring guard in the state.  While he has done the heavy lifting with his scoring on most nights, what has improved is his ability to get others involved.  Through summer play and early games this season, he has still scored in high volumes.  When his shot is not falling, Decker does a better job at probing the defense like point guards on higher levels do.  This helps him create wide open looks for his teammates.  His evolution into a better point guard has made him more lethal on the basketball court.  It is super hard to account for his shooting prowess and his improved willingness to pass.  Despite his previous accolades, this might be the best version of Jacoby Decker we have seen.  For 1-4A and other opponents, that is a dangerous thought.

Rayshun McCulluar / 6’0″ / 2022 / Huntington High School

McCulluar is the new kid on the block in 1-4A.  However, he has already put together varsity performances that have put opposing teams on notice.  During the Hall of Fame game against Bossier, McCulluar showed off probably his best asset.  He has the ability to be a one man fast break.  He is hard to trap and is good enough with the dribble to break out of them.  When he gets in the open court he goes downhill to the rack.  McCulluar either gets fouled or makes the layup.  With the way he changes ends, it is even hard for his teammates to keep up with him if they are not already ahead of him.  While he is still a work in progress, he is able to hold his own in this district of point guard rich talent.  This Raider guard will be fun to watch as the season progresses. 

True enough there may be a collection of better point guards in the state.  These six are definitely some of the most talented that Louisiana has, however.  Anyone competing against the point guards of 1-4A better bring their best game because they sure will.