Posted On: 11/9/18 6:50 PM

The Elite 14 Showcase was loaded with elite talent from around the region. Oklahoma held its own against and here are some takeaways from the event.

PC North has a high ceiling this season

The Panthers are the defending 6A champions and they graduated a great senior class. Expectations are not as high which is natural when you lose all but one of your starters. 

Stud point guard Micah Thomas is back and he is looking to lead a young group. 

However, when PCN was dominating last year they also had some talented freshmen waiting their turn.  Now those freshmen are sophomores and they are ready to make an impact.

Tobias Roland is a wing who is physically ready to compete day 1. At 6’3, Roland has a versatile game where he can use his body and bully his way to the rim or he can be finesse and take over the playmaking duties from Thomas at times. 

Talented sophs like Kayon Russell, Josh and Jeff Nwankwo, Kole Johnson and others will have the opportunity to step up and make a name for themselves in their young careers. 

PCN has way too much talent to name and they all will have some sort of impact on the season. 

Shemar Smith’s rebounding ability will project well at the next level

Rebounding is a skill that can travel with you no matter what gym you are playing in. Norman North’s stud forward dominated the glass once again this past weekend in Wichita Falls, Texas at the Elite 14. 

Smith’s motor is one of his greatest qualities which is another reason he is such a great rebounder.

College scouts are always looking at prospects who have a defined skill that they can use while that player is a freshmen and still expanding other parts of their game. 

His ability to grab a board and then bring the ball up the floor not only shows his versatility but it makes the Timberwolves offense even more dangerous. 

Smith is poised for a great senior season at Norman North but his ability to rebound at a high level will allow him to help the University of Central Oklahoma on Day 1. 

Inspiring defense from Cameron Bell

When you are watching a ton of basketball at an all day event you begin to see patterns and movements which can get repetitive. 

However, when you see a player lock in and take the challenge of locking up the best offensive player on the other team is inspiring. 

It was fun to see Bell tell his teammates he has ball and that he was going to lead the Millwood defense. 

Bell used tricks only a seasoned defender would know like crowding but not being too physical to draw a foul. Bell didn’t allow ball handler to get in a rhythm. He dictated what was going on which is rare that the defender has more confidence than the player with the ball. 

Bell is a prospect to look out for because he is a solid point guard overall but coaches will fall in love with his ability to get you stops. 

Jalen Wilson of Guyer is a superstar in the making

Wilson has NBA size for a wing and he can shoot with the best of them. Those things were obvious but what wasn’t so easy to see was his competitive fire. 

When you are a nationally ranked player playing for a basketball power in Guyer, you have a target on your back every time you step on the floor.

The Elite 14 was no difference as he had to deal with players talking a little bit more than their game could back up. 

Wilson is usually a mild mannered kid on the floor but he had time on Saturday to respond. In a game versus Lawton Ike, Wilson scored 8 straight points and let Ike know about every single bucket. 

Wilson never starts the conflict but on Saturday he decided to participate in the trash talk. The Michigan commit decided to finish it with his elite level of play.