Posted On: 11/28/18 8:11 PM

Wednesday evening @PrepHoopsTN spent a short while interviewing Bryson Jaye Nash, a sparkling White Station Middle School floor general in the Class of 2023.


@PrepHoopsTN: How is your season going?

Bryson Jay Nash: It’s been cool. We are 5-1 and I’m averaging 19 points and 11 assists. Just trying to get better.



@PrepHoopsTN: Who are the best players you have ever practiced or played against?

Bryson Jay Nash: In no order..Mikey Williams from California, Elijah Fisher from Canada, Jonathan Lawson from Memphis, Chandler Jackson from Memphis and Skyy Clark from California.



@PrepHoopsTN: How far can you get with basketball? What is your dream goals? Like what is the path? Which high school, college, pro team?

Bryson Jay Nash: I want to go all the way. I want to make the NBA like my favorite player Chris Paul. I don’t know which high school I’m going to yet. I like Duke and Vanderbilt University.



@PrepHoopsTN: How tall are you now?

Bryson Jay Nash: 5’8″.



@PrepHoopsTN: Which AAU team do you play with?

Bryson Jay Nash: Last year I played with Hoop City in Memphis and I played on a travel team with Mikey Williams from California and other top player from different places.



@PrepHoopsTN: What skills are you really focused on improving right now?

Bryson Jay Nash: I really want to play college basketball at a good school. That’s my main goal right now. I know I have to make good grades and work hard to be better than my competition.

My trainers make me focus on skill development, my shot and point guard skills. I know I have to be a leader and a coach on the floor as a point guard. I try to make other players better no matter who I’m playing with.



@PrepHoopsTN: When you have a tough life decision who can you trust to help you decide?

Bryson Jay Nash: I trust my family. Mainly my mom and my dad. They help me with everything.

My trainers and coaches have helped me a lot. When I was younger I wasn’t even the best player on my team, I’m just trying to keep getting better. That’s why I play, work and train so much.



@PrepHoopsTN: That is great. 

Bryson Jay Nash:  And I like University of Memphis a lot now too. It’s a cool school now because Penny and Mike Miller are coaching. Also, I recently met Mike Conley and he gave me a lot of good advice on being a point guard and basketball.