Posted On: 11/29/18 11:37 AM

Basketball and Football are the most popular sports in the modern day world, so naturally some of the state’s best hoopers excellent on the football field this fall.  What hoopers were truly elite on the football field?

Jamin Arend of Bridgewater-Emery.  Arend was a running back and defensive back.  The final result?  Runner-up finish at state, five interceptions, and 1,187 rushing yards highlighted by 22 touchdowns. 

Jharett Bloomenrader of Highmore-Harold.  A future SDSU football player, Jharett did a lot of his work blocking on the end but he also had about 500 yards receiving plus went to the other side of the ball and recorded 35 tackles. 

Drew Blosmo of Garretson.  A top 35 level basketball player who rarely came off the football field.  Drew was the Garretson punter, he was in on 50 plus tackles, and caught passes that led to nearly 600 yards receiving.  

Carter Dye of Bridgewater-Emery.  Carter was the BE big man last year putting up double-doubles and on the football field he was a two way interior player blocking for Jamin Arend and then flipping to the defensive side for six sacks. 

Mitch Goodbary of Sioux Falls Christian.  The future Augustana football recruit caught eight passes for touchdowns plus he was in on about 60 tackles.  A top football player in the state now gets ready to lead a basketball team that will hope to match their football title, with one on the basketball side. 

Karst Hunter of Miller.  Hunter is a top 40 level hooper plus one of the elite quarterbacks in the state of South Dakota.  Hunter was the type of dual threat quarterback that fans loved to come out and see.  Hunter was about a 1,300 rushing and 1,300 passing yardage guy this year. Headed to SDSU.

Trey King of Irene-Wakonda.  Speaking of dual threat, how about the year that Trey King had as a senior?!?!  King was in on 58 touchdowns total this year including 40 in the air.  Like Hunter, King ran for about 1.300 yards on the ground this year plus threw for about 2,900 passing yards this fall.  Will play at Northern State. 

Tucker Kraft of Timber Lake.  Tucker led the basketball team to state last year and followed that with 2.400 yards on the ground with 24 touchdowns.  Kraft is another top South Dakota football player headed to Brookings to play for the Jacks. 

Rex Ryken of Yankton. Rex is commonly tied in as the Yankton guard on a state title team around here but he’s also an outstanding wide receiver that caught 53 balls for over 800 yards this year. 

Kayden Verley of Canton. After looking at the Kayden Verley football stats and thinking back to his monster sophomore year basketball numbers you have to wonder, what doesn’t this young man do?  He was a thousand yard rusher, a top tackler at d-back, he returned kicks, kicked field goals, and do everything in between. 

Nick Wittler of Sully Buttes.  The junior continues to be one of the state wide football headliners getting better every year (and being statewide honored every year).  Wittler is a quarterback that had a hand in 51 touchdowns this year (15 rushing, 36 passing), completed 61 percent of his passes, and ran for over 1,000 yards.