Posted On: 11/25/18 12:00 PM

Now that the Early Signing Period for 2019 prospects is over, Division II and NAIA programs are likely adding depth to their recruiting boards for the 2020 class. In order to lend a helping hand on a tough job, here’s our list of players who fit the bill after their 16U season.

There are short blurbs throughout but keep in mind that we’re listing players in descending order, according to our 2020 Prospect Rankings.

Jake Younkin, 6’2” G, Moeller

Leading off our list is Younkin, a player who will receive significant run for Moeller for the first time this season. He is one of the few players on this list with a D-II offer already, as Fairmont gave him one last month.

Curtis Harrison, 6’5” F, Seven Hills

If Harrison can remain healthy for his upperclassmen years, he could very well pull himself up to the Division I tier. He is pretty much there physically while having a soft shooting touch and face-up scoring abiliy.


Luke Lachey, 6’7” F, Grandview Heights

Max Land, 6’4” W/F, Moeller

Carson Ryan, 6’5” G/W, Boardman

Ethyn Kuhns, 6’4” G, Bloom Carroll

Alex Mangold, 6’7” F, Lakota East

Caleb Terry, 6’10” C, Alexander

Qian Magwood, 5’11” PG, Walnut Ridge


Luke Howes, 6’0” PG, Fairview

Especially if Magwood ends up as a Division I football recruit, Howes becomes the preeminent point guard recruit for Division II programs. He’s a well-rounded playmaker in the half-court offense who knows how to make his matchup uncomfortable on the other end.

Tyler Eberhart, 6’6” F, Kenton Ridge

Eberhart was good for about 20 points every time he stepped onto the court this grassroots season. His ability to create shots and plays from the pinch post is his greatest skill. Instinctual offensive player who is growing as an athlete.  


Trey Robinson, 6’5” W, Hamilton


Dalton Mischal, 6’4” W/F, McClain

Mischal is the classic hybrid prospect. At 6’4” he’s a little undersized to play the four although it’s his natural position. He compensates for that height disadvantage by being strong enough to defend forwards, yet he’s fast enough to make plays in transition and defend wings.

Aaron Ward, 6’6” W/F, Winton Woods

It’s time for Ward to go from potential to production in a recognizable way. Although he has the athleticism and size to be recruited at a Division I level, Ward averaged just 4.0 points and 2.7 rebounds as a sophomore for Princeton.


Trevon Ellis, 6’3’ G, Stivers


Hunter Shedenhelm, 6’4” G/W, Pickerington North

Given the cachet that comes with being a primary option at a place like Pickerington North, Shedenhelm may even leave his junior year with Division II offers. He’s a big and long guard who, although slight of frame, can defend multiple spots and has become increasingly capable of creating off the dribble.


Jonzell Norrils, 5’11” PG, Toledo Central Catholic

Paul Burris, 6’5” W/F, Delaware Hayes

Brent Darby Jr., 6’6” F, Garfield Heights

Dominick Moegerle, 6’3” W/F, Hoban

Max Mollman, 6’7” C, Upper Arlington

Jagger Haynes, 6’6” F, Massillon Washington


Cameron McCreary, 5’11” PG, Upper Sandusky

McCreary, who transferred to US from Colonel Crawford, is a sure thing fit at this level of college basketball. Despite lacking size, he’s an elite thinker of the game who knows how to bait defenses out of position in order to create high-percentage looks. He continues to tighten up on his shooting ability and effectiveness in the lane, too.

Kade Ruegsegger, 6’3” G, Dover

We’re excited to see more from Ruegsegger, who we only caught this summer for the first time. He’s was one of the most consistent spot-up shooters we came across in 2018 and his size is collegiate for the 2-guard position. We do, however, want to see him become more of a threat when open shots aren’t available.


Ketaan Wyatt, 6’3” PG, Rogers


Mason Loeffler, 6’3” G, Evergreen

Loeffler missed all but July this grassroots season but we urge everyone to get a look at him when you can. Not only can he shoot the ball when open, he just makes scoring the ball look very easy with his nonchalant one-dribble pull-ups off ball fakes and jab steps. He’s comfortable shooting off motion and under duress. Pretty good athlete at the rim, also.


Chris Herbort, 6’2” G, Beavercreek

Quentin Richardson, 5’11” PG, Holy Name

Jesse Laster, 6’2” W, Garfield Heights

Kobe Righter, 5’11” PG, Columbus DeSales