Posted On: 11/4/18 2:00 PM

The Elite 14 (held in Denton, TX and Wichita Falls, TX) is a premier event that hosted some of the best big men in the country. This article highlights the immensely talented bigs, presenting one highly touted prospect from each class. 


Drew Timme / 6’10” / PF / Richardson J.J. Pearce / 2019

Drew was having fun each time he stepped on the court. He was interacting with the crowd, referees, and even the opponents. Meanwhile, he was giving opposing teams the business within 15 feet. Drew wowed spectators with his polished game on the low block. His footwork, on point post passes, and incredible feel for the game is the reason why he deserves the five-star title. Drew will be signing early and will make his decision on the 14th of November.



N’Faly Dante / 6’11” / C / Sunrise Christian (KS) / 2020

I have heard of N’Faly Dante since the initial 2020 rankings, but have never took the time to sit down and break down his game. After watching him Friday night, I left thinking he has a great chance to potentially be a NBA lottery pick. The big man from Africa is very tall, long, strong and athletic. He has a skilled game on both ends, but mainly imposes his will defensively. He surprised me with his pretty release on his shot and many who have seen him previously state that he is improving at an unbelievably fast rate. It will be fun to watch the five-star big man’s journey from high school prospect to professional basketball player.


Jerrell Colbert / 6’10” / C / Texas Christian / 2021

He may not look the part production wise as a borderline top ten prospect in the country, but he definitely has oozing potential and the tools to be very special. Colbert has a very trim and long body. He might have the longest arms in Texas High School Basketball. The five-star big man has shown the ability to protect the rim using his length, rebound and lead the break by dribbling up the court, and score on the low block off of jump hoops over each shoulder. However, his main focus throughout his high school career should be strength. He must live in the weight room and strengthen his lower and upper body to play more physical against other highly touted bigs.