Posted On: 11/27/18 11:39 AM

The 10th Annual Thanksgiving Hoopfest hosted by Glenn Smith was held this weekend at Duncanville High School. The two-day event truly brought out the best of the best and contributor Brandon Jenkins was on bored to catch it all. He will recapping the best players on each team. This article highlights: Putnam City West (OK), Justin Northwest, and Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill

Putnam City West (OK)

Rondel Walker / 6’3″ / PG / Putnam City West (OK) / 2020 


The three-star guard might have inserted himself into four-star status after his performances at the Hoopfest. He played within the offense and did an incredible job effortlessly creating opportunities for himself and others. Rondel has a great size and length at the point guard spot. His shot can be inconsistent, but he has a pretty stroke on his release. The Oklahoma native’s efforts earned him an immediate offer from Texas A&M.

Final Stats vs. Justin Northwest: 16 points, four assists, and three steals

Final Stats vs. Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill: 42 points, five assists, and five steals (14-16 FT)


Trentez Scales / 5’8″ / PG / Putnam City West (OK) / 2020 

????Hidden Gem????

The small and diminutive guard was dialed in from long distance throughout the weekend. He always caught the ball outside the three-point arc ready to fire. Trentez also was willing to sit down and pick opposing guards up full court. The hidden gem had solid scoring performances this weekend.

Final Stats vs. Justin Northwest: 20 points (5 3PT FGM)

Final Stats vs. Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill: 17 points and two assists (3 3PT FGM)

Justin Northwest

Avery Anderson III / 6’2″ / SG / Justin Northwest / 2019


Avery got it going off the bounce as usual. His pull-up game is unbelievably smooth and he has that type of “wiggle” within his handle that dazzles the crowd. The Oklahoma State signee knows how to slip through cracks within the defense to put himself in the best position to score. He has been more focused than ever on looking to make the right play for others; however, he frequently can end up doing too much which results into turnovers. The four-star guard does have a chance to be special over the years in Stillwater with his shot-creating ability, but he will need to continue improving as a lead guard who can consistently take care of the ball and set up his teammates.

Final Stats vs. Putnam City West (OK): 21 points, four assists, and three assists

Sammy Freeman / 6’10″ / C / Justin Northwest / 2019


Sammy had the best performance I had ever seen from him. It was the first time he had shown confidence scoring with his back to the basket. The best part about his game is his long arms and his motor. He uses both tools to grab every rebound and dunk everything possible. The unsigned senior is looking to sign late in the spring and currently holds offers from Houston, Minnesota, North Texas, Stephen F. Austin, and TCU.

Final Stats vs. Putnam City West (OK): 22 points and twelve rebounds

Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill

Tyreek Smith / 6’8″ / C / Trinity Christian-Cedar Hill / 2019


Tyreek was beast on Saturday. He elevated to dunk everything and had a double-double at the half. Last year around this time, I felt that he could have more a consistent motor. This year, his motor was as high as ever. It will be exciting to watch him catch lobs, swat shots, and bang the boards in College Station next year.

Final Stats vs. Putnam City West (OK): 31 points, fourteen rebounds, and one block