Posted On: 11/26/18 4:16 PM

The 10th Annual Thanksgiving Hoopfest hosted by Glenn Smith was held this weekend at Duncanville High School. The two-day event truly brought out the best of the best and contributor Brandon Jenkins was on bored to catch it all. He will recapping the best players on each team. This article highlights: Booker T. Washington (OK) and Dallas Kimball. 

Booker T. Washington (OK)

Bryce Thompson / 6’4″ / SG / Booker T. Washington (OK) / 2020 


Thompson turned the Hoopfest out last year in both of his games with outstanding shooting performances. This year, he came back quiet in his Friday matchup, but as good as advertised in his Saturday one. Bryce is a deadly shooter who is not fazed when a hand is in his face. He requires a maximum of three dribbles when looking to score and has no problem getting his shot off from the outside. He seems to have fun communicating on the floor and playing the game of basketball.

Final Stats vs. Dallas Kimball: 15 points, five rebounds, and three rebounds

Final Stats vs. Arlington Lamar: 20 points and two assists


Trey Phipps / 5’11” / SG / Booker T. Washington (OK) / 2020 


Trey along with Bryce had outstanding performances himself in his past two appearances at the Thanksgiving Hoopfest. He is an extremely good shooter who will find multiple ways to get his shot off from the perimeter. The Tulsa commit is not the quickest and is not very athletic, but his jumpshot completely opens up his entire game. Trey also showed the ability to get to the basket and finish craftly around rim protectors.

Final Stats vs. Dallas Kimball: 22 points and four rebounds (4 3PT FGM) 

Final Stats vs. Arlington Lamar: 29 points and five assists (6 3PT FGM) 

Jalen Breath / 6’8″ / C / Booker T. Washington (OK) / 2020 

Jalen is a new addition to the Hornets and is a decent replacement for Boise State freshman forward Jaycson Bereal. However, he is more interior-oriented than Bereal was. He did the dirty work for the Hornets scoring off of dump-off passes and putbacks. Jalen also showed that he will be the Hornets’ source for rim protection and rebounding. The transfer big man did well in his debut for Booker T. 

Final Stats vs. Dallas Kimball: 8 points

Final Stats vs. Arlington Lamar: 18 points and six rebounds


Seth Hurd / 6’7″ / PF / Booker T. Washington (OK) / 2019

Seth is a physical forward who provides the senior leadership on a team full of returning talent. He fits into the system well because he knows his role on the team. Seth hustles to grab every rebound, makes the right passes, and finishes his attempts under the rim. He has a strong body and will provide blue-collared presence at the next level. 

Final Stats vs. Dallas Kimball: 17 points, seven rebounds, and one block

Final Stats vs. Arlington Lamar: 14 points, two rebounds, and five assists 

Dallas Kimball

Cobe Williams / 5’11” / PG / Dallas Kimball / 2020 


Even though he is an explosive burst of speed and extreme athleticism, Cobe is always under control. He has been a consistent performer for the Knights this year and continued his high level of play on Friday night. The newly Louisiana Tech signee is a dog and competes on both ends. He had an exciting all-around performance and left me feeling confident about his future at the next level.

Final Stats vs. Booker T. Washington (OK): 14 points, eight rebounds, and six assists