Posted On: 11/18/18 2:21 PM

Ten unsigned Senior Forwards off to a good start

There have been some outstanding play, already, in HS Jamborees around North Carolina. Among the outstanding prospects on display, are the following ten unsigned, senior forwards.


Nick Evtimov, 6-7 220, PF, 2019, Greensboro Day, Greensboro, NC

Greensboro Day’s Nicholas Evtimov

Stepping up in a big way in this his senior year, Evtimov has been scoring and rebounding well thus far, plus he’s an outstanding passer.


James Leible, 6-7 220, PF, Prep, Washington Prep, Greenville, NC 

He’s a strong forward, whose forte is hitting the boards on both ends of the court. He posts well and he also has soft touch from the high post.


Firat Ceylan, 6-7 215, PF, 2019, Rabun Gap School, Nagahoochie, GA

He’s a blue collar forward, who defends and hits the boards. He also has a solid offensive game. He has touch to 16 feet and he’s a very good passer.


Sam Wolfe, 6-8 215, PF, 2019, United Faith, Charlotte, NC

This young forward hits the boards really well and he’s solid defensively. He has touch within 15 feet and in the paint.


Joshua Hall, 6-7 200, F, 2019, Moravian Prep, Hudson, NC

This young man is a very skilled perimeter player. He is a very good shooter from both mid-range and from the arc. The big schools are beginning to notice.


Christian Wells, 6-6 210, F, Prep, Washington Prep, Greenville, NC

This young man, pictured at the top, is a very solid basketball player. He drives it well and he has a solid mid-range stroke. He’s a very good defender and a stalwart on the boards. He plays hard, as his father Bonzi Wells did.


Daniel Loback, 6-7 205, F, 2019, Moravian Prep, Hudson, NC

After homeschooling, for most of his life, Daniel ventured to Moravian Prep this year and his game has blossomed. Through hard work, he has made himself a definite DI Prospect.


Jason Thompson, 6-7 190, F, 2019, United Faith, Charlotte, NC

This forward is a very versatile performer. He can guard big forwards and small forwards, just as well. DI Prospect


Jamahri Harvey, 6-5 180, SF, 2019, Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, NC

This young forward is an above average athlete, with a solid shooting stroke, especially from mid-range. He’s also a solid defender, 


Brandon Franklin, 6-9 180, F, 2019, Northwood Temple, Fayetteville, NC

This young man has grown 5-6 inches in the past two years, but he hasn’t lost his shooting stroke, during that growth spurt. DI Prospect