Posted On: 11/14/18 1:45 PM

Scout’s Take: Today at 1:30 P.M. Isaiah Stevens of Allen/Team Faith made it official and signed his letter of intent with Colorado State. The Rams are getting a true point guard who values winning. He is one who can run the show for the Rams right now if they needed him to. Stevens is a consistently composed lead guard who makes great decisions with the rock in his hands. He also is one of the best shooters this state has to offer. That is why the same staff that offered him at Drake continued to recruit him once they were hired at Colorado State.

Q&A Session

Brandon: What led to your decision to commit to Colorado State? 
Isaiah: I personally felt that the coaches were fully invested in me and my development as a player and a man. I also really like the system they play under Coach Medved.

Brandon: What will Coach Medved and Farokhmanesh expect from you when you arrive on campus? What can u bring to their program?
Isaiah: Just to come in and be myself and be the playmaker I know I can be. I plan on bringing an unselfish and competitive style of play to the team. We should easily be able to mesh well because we will have plenty of guys on the team that can bring the same approach which is a positive thing.

Brandon: You played with a potential future lottery pick in Greg Brown III this summer on the Adidas Circuit. How was it making the switch from Silver to Gold? Also, how was it playing with an athlete like Greg?
Isaiah: The switch actually was not drastic at all. I made the move because I always felt I should be competing at the Gold division. Greg is my brother for life! We clicked instantly and he made my job a lot easier and vice versa. We complemented each other’s games very well I thought.

Brandon: Reflect on the state championship. How did it feel to be the floor general of a team to win it all at the highest classification of Texas Basketball?
Isaiah: It was hands down one of the best experiences of my life and being able to be a major contributor to help my team win was a blessing. Winning in 6A is tough, but we were a really talented but underrated team. A lot of people counted us out of every game, but we knew what we had and just went out there to shock the state each night we stepped out on the floor.

Final Thoughts

Stevens is the lone returning starter from Allen’s state championship team, but the goal still has not changed. Stevens wants to make a run back to the state tournament. He also detailed that he wants to win his first district championship as well. The three-star guard will receive help from talented guards Thailand Elder, Korey Jones, Bryce Kennedy, Emmanuel Obaseki, and Mason Gibson. Stevens will be the leader of this years’ Eagles squad and look for him to put up big numbers in the scoring and assist categories.