Posted On: 11/25/18 8:00 AM

This thanksgiving break provided us with a lot of high school basketball to watch! One of the most exciting tournaments was the SSVEC Classic. Teams were competing hard and here are the top takeaways from the tournament: 

Buena looks tough early on

In my opinion, Buena was by far the best team of the tournament. They looked very solid and are extremely well coached. The team was led in scoring by none other than, Kino Bellinger (2019). Bellinger looks to become the leading scorer in Buena school history this year. Either way, Buena should be a very tough team going into the state tournament. 

Cienega and Marana are on the rise

Both of these squads looked very solid and Cienega won their game against Marana. However, both of these teams are very young and should be in good hands going further. 6’8 G/F JT Elder (2021) leads Cienega while 6’4 G D’Marco Dunn (2021) leads Marana. These two schools should be ready to be in state title contention in a year or two. 

JT Elder and D’Marco Dunn are big time players

6’8 G/F JT Elder (2021 Cienega ) and 6’4 G D’Marco Dunn (2021 Marana) are the real deal. The looked like big time varsity players this week, even scoring 30 points each. These two should be looked at when considering the top players of the 2021 class. Both have very strong interest from D1 schools and look like they still have a lot of potential. 

Trent Bourquet is more than a great QB

Trent really impressed me today. Of course I’ve heard of the great QB from Marana but I have actually never seen him play ball. Trent is a knockdown shooter and possess the leadership quality that you would expect from a QB. He runs the point guard spot for Marana perfectly. He is always getting his teammates in the right spot, makes the right passes, and knocks down a bunch of three point shots. He went 5-7 in tonight’s game against Douglas High School.