Posted On: 11/28/18 11:28 PM

Top Half of Bracket:

Madison Prep vs. Bye

This will be a tough one for the Chargers, but I think they walk away with a win.

Prediction: Madison Prep

Hahnville vs. Cy-Fair (TX)

Hahnville has a really solid young core that they can build around going forward. I really like watching 2021 Guard Claudell Harris on the offensive end, and I think he has a chance to really be a guy as he gets older. But Cy-Fair is a national powerhouse, and has a bunch of potential D1 players.

Prediction: Cy-Fair

Crescent City vs. ML King

ML King is another squad that has some solid young pieces, but they just don’t have the firepower to keep up with the talent that Crescent City brings to the table. But to be fair to ML King, not many teams in the state have that type of firepower.

Prediction: Crescent City

St. Thomas More vs. KIPP Renaissance

This is a really interesting matchup for both of these programs. St. Thomas More is coming off a state title, but has lost a lot of talent from last year’s squad. They also don’t have their football players back yet, as their football team is playing in the state title game in New Orleans this weekend. KIPP Renaissance has a pretty impressive resume up to this point, and has some wins over teams that you might not expect. I’m going to go with the more historic program, but if KIPP gets the upset, I wouldn’t be all that surprised.

Prediction: St. Thomas More


Bottom Half of Bracket:

Sophie B. Wright vs. Thurgood Marshall (TX)

I will be honest, I don’t know all that much about the Thurgood Marshall team that Sophie B. Wright is matched up against, but something tells me that the tournament host didn’t schedule a world beater in the opening game of their tournament. And even if they did, Sophie B. Wright might be talented enough to beat some world beaters this season.

Prediction: Sophie B. Wright

Riverside vs. Lusher

This is going to be a really interesting fun matchup between two teams that both reached the Final 4 a season ago. The biggest difference is that Riverside lost their best player, Jared Butler, who is now playing at Baylor. On the other side, Lusher returns nearly every difference maker from last season’s squad.

Prediction: Lusher

McDonough 35 vs. Salmen

I had some pretty high hopes for McDonough 35 heading into the season. Just a year ago, they made a Cinderella run to the Final 4 in 4A, and I thought they might continue that success into this season. But the Roneagles are currently on a 5 game losing streak. On the other side, Salmen hasn’t played great this year, sporting a 1-2 record. This is really a toss up between two not great teams, but I’ll take the team with the better player.

Prediction: McDonough 35

Country Day vs. East Ascension

This is probably the player on player matchup that I am looking forward to most in the 1st round of the Sophie B. Wright tournament. Country Day and East Ascension both have one of the best 2020 players in the state, Shawn Royal and Hobert Grayson, respectively. However, I think with Country Day still working back in the football players into the fold on the basketball court, East Ascension is going to get the win. 

Prediction: East Ascension