Arizona 6A

Posted On: 11/30/18 8:00 AM

Last week, a lot of high school basketball players signed their letters of intent with their respective colleges/universities. However, not all of AZ’s top talent signed. There are still plenty of talented players who remain unsigned going into this high school season. Here are the sleepers available from the class of 2019 (6-10):

6. Kaleb Brown G (Peoria 2019):

Kaleb has received an offer from Park University and I think more NAIA offers are to come. Brown is very quick and has a great mid-range. He does not miss from mid-range ever. This skill makes him very tough to guard because he is so fast and has the ability to stop on a dime and knock down that mid-range. Covering him on drives is very difficult due to that ability because you never know whether he is going to the basket or if he is going to stop and pull up.

7. Cassius Carmichael F (Ironwood 2019):

Cassius is a very long forward who is the defensive anchor for Ironwood High School. I really like Carmichael’s game, primarily due to his defense. He is a nightmare in passing lanes, due to his long arms, and can turn away shots at the rim. He is not the fastest player on the court, but covers a lot of ground due to his length and size. Offensively, he is very unorthodox, finding wiggle room in the most impossible places in order to get a lay up. Very crafty with his layups. Carmichael has received an offer from Glendale Community College.

8. Aidyn Parrish G (North Canyon 2019):

I think Parrish would make a very solid NAIA level guard. He can shoot the lights out of the deep ball, is a pretty great play maker, and has very solid handles. I think size and lack of athleticism holds him back from going much higher but would not doubt it if he did go higher than NAIA due to his incredible shooting. 

9. Kino Bellinger G (Buena 2019) & 10. Grant Ward G (Buena 2019):

Both of these players can score the ball in high volume and should be very well suited to play at the JUCO level. I don’t see much potential for either one of them to go very much higher, with NAIA being their ceiling.