Posted On: 11/13/18 9:13 AM

“Super Teams” are a trend in professional basketball. It started with Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Rajan Rondo teaming up with the Boston Celtics. It continues today with the Golden State Warriors ..What if Michigan high school basketball was able to put together “Super Teams”? What would they look like? We had 4 trainers / coaches in Michigan draft their own “Super Team” starting lineups. 

Here’s what they look like:

The Teams


G- Caleb Hunter (Southfield Christian)

G- Ryan Wade (Ann Arbor Skyline)

G- Brian Taylor (DEPSA)

F- Romeo Weems (New Haven)

C- Jalen Thomas (UD – Jesuit)


G- Dylan Jergens (Howardsville Christian)

G- Donovan Moore (West Bloomfield)

F- Kasean Pryor (Ann Arbor Pioneer)

F- Mike Fletcher (Flint Carman Ainsworth)

C- Caleb Hodgson (Dansville)


G- B. Artis-White (Canton)

G- Isaiah Lewis (Wayne Memorial)

G- Chandler Turner (Detroit Renaissance)

F- Carrington McCaskill (Detroit Renaissance)

C- Nolan Foster (Mattawan)


G- Drew Lowder (Ann Arbor Pioneer)

G- Daniel Friday (UD – Jesuit)

F- Micah Parrish (River Rouge)

F- Luke Maranka (Grand Rapids Angels)

C- Nate Talbot (Lake Orion)

The Bracket

Team A vs. Team D

Team B vs. Team C

The Results / My Predictions

Team A vs Team D:

Team A wins by 3. This would be a great game with elite athletes all over the floor. Wade’s scoring against Friday’s defense would be worth the price of admission.

Team B vs. Team C:

Team B wins by 1. Team B’s size and strength against Team C’s quickness and athleticism would make this an outstanding game. 

Consolation Finals:

Team C vs. Team D

Team D wins by 4. Team D’s defense and Lowder at the point lead them to the victory. 


Team B vs. Team B

Team A wins by 3. Team A just has it all. They have an inside prescense with Thomas, an efficient floor leader in Hunter, a two way player with Wade, an athletic leaper in Taylor, and one of the top prospects in the country with Weems.