Posted On: 11/27/18 1:37 PM

As part of our preseason content, we’re counting down the top candidates for this year’s Mr. Basketball award, presented annually to the top senior in the state. The second player on the list is candidate, Denver East combo-guard, Kwane Marble is coming off of his best season to date. This year he is looking to take home Mr. Basketball AND a state title.

Name:Kwane Marble
School:Denver East

2017-18 stats: 414 points (16.6/game), 123 rebounds (3.8/g), 114 assists (3.5/g), 82 steals (3.3/g)

Career stats: 16.6 points, 3.8 rebounds, 2.7 assists a game

About Marble:

Marble is a player that finally gets the spotlight on him as he has been the Robin to Daylen Kountz’ Batman for his career. Despite playing second fiddle he has been incredible in his role and is finally ready to blossom. It is going to be interesting to see how he takes over with all of the attention on him and having to be relied on each time out as this is a very inexperienced bunch but if there is a player that can handle it its Marble. Kwane is unique in the sense of he is a guard with one of the most ready statures in the state. He has a college athletic build already with the skill to go along with it and he gets to the lane and finishes, scores from deep and is a very capable scorer. He will be looked at as the vocal, emotional and team leader and it will be on him to carry the team to as far as they go. Marble will have to build his motor as time without him on the floor could be disastrous so full games are mandatory. What will be looked at most is the way that he gets others involved and if he can take over the game.

Why he can win Mr. Basketball: Kwane comes in at No. 2 overall for the Senior class. He has a well-polished game and is able to truly score the ball. Now that he will be taking a majorityof the shots his numbers will increase even more. He is a guard that other teams try and matchup with guards and that will be a mistake this year as he is strong and long enough to take any guard in the post. He will see constant double-teams and he has good awareness that it will also raise his assists numbers as well. The most underrated part of Marbles’ game is his ability to play the passing lane. He was one of the best defenders in the state last year when it came to racking up steals. He shall continue that play to continue getting easy fast break points. He will definetely have the numbers to be the second-best candidate for Mr. Basketball he just has to prove it.

Odds he wins Mr. Basketball:20%. It is going to be difficult because he is already a game behind the competition. The favorite, Kenny Foster truly dominated in his first game out scoring 28 points to start the season. Marble can apply plenty of pressure and it starts in a tournament that East will be one of the favorites in. If East is able to do well this season it will be behind the shot-making abilities of Marble. I expect some huge scoring games from him and it will be exciting to see just how big a season he can have.