Posted On: 11/24/18 8:00 AM

Payton Dickerson is a forward from Hillcrest Prep and graduates in 2019. Dickerson stands at 6’7 and weighs 190 pounds. According to his NCSA Recruiting Profile, Dickerson shoots 55% from the field and 78% from the free-throw line. Dickerson also plays for Blue Chip Nation.

First Impression

The first time I saw Dickerson play was during a workout. His size obviously made him stand out but his shooting ability made me remember him. I think Dickerson is a bit of a in between player, between a small forward and power forward. I think in high school, he is best suited as a stretch four but will have to play the three spot once he makes the leap into college ball.


As stated before, Dickerson can shoot the ball at a great rate. He has a very nice looking form and I have seen multiple games where he has gone 5-5/7-7 from deep. He is a very effective shooter from deep and from mid-range. He has some low post moves but mainly uses his size to score down low. 


If Dickerson is going to be used as a small forward in college, he will have to improve greatly but I think he could do it. Having a big small forward that can shoot the deep ball is very invaluable. In order for him to play that spot he will have to develop his speed and mobility. The only aspect of his game that he will have to improve on is his handles.


Dickerson’s projection is a little tricky because I am not sure what position he would play in college. I feel like he would provide a lot more value as a small forward rather than a power forward but could also see him playing as a stretch four. If he wants to play D1, I think he will have to develop as a small forward. If he wants to be a stretch four, I think he is best suited for D2.