Posted On: 11/20/18 8:00 AM

Keaton Rodgers is a 6’5 F from Sandra Day O’Connor High School. Rodgers is currently ranked as the 46th best player in the Class of 2019 (Arizona Rankings). 

First Impression:

The first time I saw Rodgers play was at the Prep Hoops Arizona Top 250 Showcase. Rodgers had a big day! He was scoring the ball super effectively and played with great passion that you love to see. He played well enough to even make it to the camp All-Star game and he also performed quite nicely in that game.


Strength. Rodgers is extremely strong and often bullies his way into the paint. I really like that he doesn’t try to do this against smaller guards/forwards, Rodgers tries to bully anyone who guards him and I really respect that about him. He has also improved his jump shot and is a very solid three point shooter. All around, he is pretty solid offensively. Defensively, he is pretty solid but could benefit from increasing his foot speed, especially going side to side. 


As mentioned above, he could benefit greatly from increasing his speed. If he increased his foot speed, with his size and strength, he’d be a freight train. As a whole, he could benefit a lot from becoming a better athlete. Rodgers is definitely a gifted athlete, but I think he needs to improve his speed and leaping ability in order to be successful at the next level.  


I think Rodgers is a very solid option for any NAIA or JUCO. I think that is where Rodgers would find most success as a player and even has potential to improve and transfer to the next level.