Posted On: 11/19/18 8:00 AM

D’Marco Dunn is a 6’3 combo guard from Marana High School. Dunn played solid minutes last year on varsity and has a huge summer with Powerhouse Dynasty 15U. Dunn has demonstrated his high caliber scoring ability and defensive prowess. 

First Impression:

The first time I saw D’Marco Dunn play was actually coaching against him…he was a problem. I saw a confidence in him that is rare to see in freshman on varsity. Dunn has a bull dog mentality and plays like no one can stop him from getting to the basket. He has great size and freak like athleticism. 


Dunn can get to the basket virtually at his will. He is very long, fast, and has an extremely fast first step. His handles are solid, but could improve. Right now he relies more on his athleticism and length to get past defenders. He has also added a very consistent mid-range jumper to his game. Defensively he is very dangerous, especially whenever his team runs a press. He is bigger than most people he is matched up against and is usually the best athlete on the floor. He uses his athleticism and natural instinct for the ball to turn in a lot of steals for himself.


While Dunn has great physical attributes, I think he could benefit from hitting the weight room. Dunn is a little on the slim side and will have to add some muscle before playing at the next level, however he is a sophomore so there is plenty of time. Dunn does possess a very consistent mid-range jumper, however his three ball is not consistent as much. Dunn needs to be able to hit open three’s much more consistently. 


It is always hard to project younger players but I think Dunn could play at a mid-low level D1. I see a lot of potential in Dunn and he will be a D1 player if he continues to develop and reach the potential I see in him.