Salpointe Tip-Off: Top Performers Part 2

High School

Posted On: 11/23/18 8:00 AM

This thanksgiving break provided us with a lot of high school basketball to watch! One of the most exciting tournaments was the Salpointe Tip-Off. Teams were competing hard and here are the top performers from the tournament: 

Majok Deng G/F (Salpointe 2019):

Deng looked really good, scoring the ball at a very high volume. He struggled with his three point shot early but quickly fixed it and knocked down many three’s. He also looked very solid when he had to put the ball on the deck and attack the rim. He often drove hard and kicked it to open shooters in the corner.

Luc Rosenblatt G/F (Salpointe 2019):

One of those open shooters that kept getting open was Luc Rosenblatt. That is Rosenblatt’s game, he is smart and gets to the right spot to knock down a three. He is extremely good at getting open, especially for a player who is not the most athletic guy. He knows his role on the team and he performs his job well. 

Marcus Hinojosa G (Tucson 2019):

Marcus is the senior leader on Tucson High and is a very good leader at that. He was able to direct/command his team to a blowout win against CDO. He looked very good from deep, as he struggled a bit around the basket. However, he ran the transition game nicely and moved the ball nicely on offense. 

Zach Morgan C (Pueblo 2021):

Zach unfortunately did not play a ton of minutes due to injury. However, when he was playing, he played very well defensively. Morgan struggled offensively, as he is very uncoordinated in the low post. However, he did do a great job defensively. The defensive side of the ball is by far the strongest aspect of his game, turning away a lot of shots and being athletic enough to switch and pressure smaller guards.