Posted On: 11/8/18 4:51 PM

What players are the biggest threat to bust apart the game plan you’ve been working on all week?  Prep Hoops features the Class A Gameplan Busters today. 

Region 1. Max Baloun of Redfield/Doland.  A 6-foot-6, 235 pound frontcourt junior that moves very well and is coming off a 12/7 sophomore year.  After a year of football Baloun will be bigger, stronger, and more agile.  Not many players in the state can deal with his agile size.

Region 2. Max Nielson of Sioux Valley.  No matter what defense was thrown at this PG, Max was able to put the ball in the hands of his playmakers last year for high percentage attempts on the regular basis.  Max put up eight assists a game last year but will be asked for more points this season. 

Region 3. Gavin Schipper of SF Christian.   One of the more feared shooters in the state, Gavin is the type of player who can hit shots with range completely destroying the defensive gameplan put together all week long.  Schipper’s touch and ability to hit shots with guys in his hip pocket is a feared item.

Region 4. Noah Freidel of Tea Area.  You can put your best defender and deny Noah, you can send two guys, or you can throw your mix defenses at him all you want but what you can’t deal with the most is his game IQ and toughness.  Noah simply knows how to compete at a level that few can.  The Wright State committed wing hung massive numbers on teams last year and that was while limping at times. 

Region 5. Camden Bialas of Parker.   Bialas is still working to his potential as a big number producer but his touch around the basket can be finished despite heavy contact and double teams because of his size and length.  Camden is also a defender that takes away deep lane attempts. 

Region 6. Karst Hunter of Miller.  Hunter has been busting through players to produce double-doubles for over a year.  Last year it was 21 points and 10 rebounds a game simply battling through every thing opposing coaches could sent at him. 

Region 7. Ale Rama of Red Cloud.  Teams don’t have the type of athlete that can move their feet with Ale, you can’t force Rama in a direction because he’s too good with both hands and his change of direction ranks with the best, and finally Rama has range on his touch that allows him to score over the top. 

Region 8. Ryder Kirsch of St. Thomas More. Kirsch is rare in his area because he has size, skill, and agility to produce in a way that others can’t.  There are things you can take away but when Ryder faces up to the basket and knocks down shots it’s something the opposition has to deal with.