Posted On: 11/9/18 3:56 PM

Who is about to make life a headache for the coaches in Class B basketball of North Dakota?  We give your our Gameplan Busters spot by spot. 

Region 1. Tyrell Rodriguez of Oak Grove, Senior.  Tyrell’s strength, intelligence, and consistency of effort provided 16/7 for a 20-3 team last year.  In Class B a good and intelligent big can be slowed by attention but rebounds and scoring behind the ball is all on effort and Tyrell always provides that.  

Region 2. Carson Henningsgard of HCV, Junior.  There are some strong names in Region 1 but if the best teams in the state can’s slow a sophomore Carson Henningsgard down from playmaking on and off the ball, scoring and creating for others, that’s pretty much everything you need to know about a gamebreaker as a junior.  All eyes are on Carson now, but he’s proven to consistently be ready. 

Region 3. Seth Nelson of Carrington, Junior.   Carrington blew through their competition winning 23 of 27 games including an undefeated mark against teams in their region.  Seth scored 20 a game as a sophomore and now Nelson is one of the top players in Class B basketball and surely one of the top pair of Class B juniors.

Region 4. Jaeshun Shaw of Four Winds, Sophomore.  There has been so much change in the region that the state spot, the big games, the big wins, the top players, it’s all up for grabs.  Jaeshun Shaw has something different to his game that others don’t.  He may not be the top player or most consistent player in the Region right away but it won’t take long. 

Region 5. Macauley Young of Shiloh Christian, Senior.  Young leads a team that has everybody back save one guy, and expectations are huge.  What gives Shiloh Christian something that is tough to prep for?  The team size and all around ability together is the biggest thing but when it comes down to it, when they play their best basketball Young is scoring at the end of possessions in space and there is nobody that has the size to rotate over and get a good shot contest on him. It’s a team thing that often starts with his defensive board, or ends with his two footer after great ball movement. 

Region 6. Ben Bohl of Bishop Ryan, Senior.  A Minot State committed guard that ranks with the top rebounding guards in all of the area (grabbed 7-8 a game as a junior) and when Ben is defensive rebounding and pushing the other way there is no chance for anything a coach has planned to get in his way . Ben has good size, a touch off the dribble that has range, and he’s usually being defended by a shorter player.  

Region 7. Cody Perkins of Mott-Regent, Senior.  This right here is a our prediction after watching Perkins play for the Attack, play at combines, and regularly contribute in so many different ways.  Perkins continues to grow, looks more explosive, and is always playing at a pace that wears on defenders.  

Region 8. Seth Hetzel of Stanley, Senior.  It’s still quite unclear what Seth will be able to do exactly when defenses don’t have to focus on a Hanson brother.  That said, Seth scored maybe the quietest 14 a game in the state last year because he had teammates putting up numbers, throwing down highlights, or both.  Now it’s his show and the numbers could be big.