Rodney Rice

Posted On: 11/26/18 11:00 AM

Rodney Rice, a class of 2022 guard from the Bullis School, has been impressive so far throughout the preseason. During a recent scrimmage at Bishop O’Connell, Rice shot the ball exceptionally well from the perimeter. While his aggressiveness was unexpected, it is certainly a good thing to see from a young player. The 6-foot-3 freshman, who already holds a half-dozen or so division one offers, broke down his overall game and more in the interview below.

PH: What’s your role going to be like this year?

RR: “To put the ball in the basket and facilitate to my teammates.”

PH: How do you think your team did against O’Connell?

RR: “I think we could’ve done better. Getting back on defense, swinging the ball more, don’t let it stick.”

PH: What’s it like to have your teammates recognize that you’re hot and feed you the ball?

RR: “They know what I can do, so it feels good. It’s a good feeling.”

PH: What’s the most underrated part of your overall game?

RR: “I can rebound from the guard position.”

PH: What do you think is the most improved part of your game?

RR: “Probably grabbing the rebound, pushing the ball up the court quickly, and finding the open man.”

PH: What type of feedback do your coaches at Bullis give you about your overall game?

RR: “They tell me to use my verbal skills and speak up. Tell people where to go, and where they need to be.”

PH: What are some goals that you’ve set for yourself?

RR: “As a team, I want to win as many games as possible this year, and win the IAC. For myself, I want to make first team.”

PH: What’s going to need to occur in order for those goals to be accomplished?

RR: “Teamwork. We need to stay together and be strong in tough situations.”