Posted On: 11/26/18 5:52 PM

National top 40 level sophomore Matthew Mors of Yankton and South Dakota Attack just picked up an offer from another high major and took a recent visit to a Big Ten school. 

Mors added a scholarship offer from Colorado to join the list that includes Iowa, Creighton, Nebraska, Wisconsin, and TCU plus scholarship offers from several other programs (Purdue and Virginia among others).  

Mors recently took a visit to Iowa City, to see the Iowa Men’s Basketball program. 

“It was great,” Mors said. “The coaching staff really treated me well and I got to meet some of the guys. Everyone was super nice and it was really good to sit down with everyone and get to know each other better.  We went to the football game, it was freezing cold, and the football stadium was packed. I thought that was really cool how they toughed it out and stayed there the whole town.”

Mors is in regular contact with Iowa assistant Kirk Speraw who fans of Yankton or the Attack may have seen regularly at games last winter or last summer. 

“(Speraw) came to one or two of my state tournament games and that’s where he got a good sense of my game.  We started talking shortly after that and he came to a couple of games over the summer. He came down to Yankton during the fall and we’ve been getting closer and closer. We have a really good relationship with him. He said he’s going to come to a few games this season.”

Iowa rarely gives players Matthew’s age offers but Fran McCaffery has made it clear that Matthew earned that offer. 

“I earned the scholarship I got and he was saying how I would mesh with their guys and what he was trying to do at Iowa,” Mors said. 

“With my high school team, if I get a rebound, I can get a rebound then bring it up the floor, and I saw a lot of guys doing that on Iowa.  Tyler Cook would get a rebound and he would bring it up a lot. It’s a matchup thing.

“Using my versatility to find mismatches like if I get a smaller guy on me and I can go into the post and let me go to work. If I got a bigger guy, I can use that advantage out on the perimeter. You could see that in games where guys were just doing what they wanted.”

Now Mors has a state title to defend and he has things he wants to work on before the games start in a few weeks. 

“Improving my ball-handling is something I need to work on and fine-tuning the rest of my game.”