Posted On: 11/7/18 12:00 PM

Benet 2019 forward Kendrick Tchoua transferred in from the east coast for his senior year and has created buzz heading into his final high school campaign.  He is JACKED!  Built like a college defensive lineman.  At about 6’6” he probably projects best as an undersized four man that plays with a high motor.  You could see the athleticism with a couple moves including a quick baseline take where he ended up at the charity stripe at a fall workout we attended where he was playing with the Illinois Wolves.  Connected on a turnaround jumper and another from mid-range.  Looks to have potential in that area.  Fought on the glass.  One we will definitely track during the season.

How is the move going to Illinois and Benet so far?

“The adjustment at first was pretty difficult.  I got the hang of it toward the second month here.  I am looking to take it all the way this year.  That starts on the classroom, working on the court, our conditioning, and putting in work every day.”

Tchoua broke down his game.

“I think I am a decent defender.  I want to share the ball with my teammates.  I run on the break.  Show intensity on the floor.  I don’t really consider myself a certain position.  I am pretty confident at every position.”

Where do things stand with recruiting?

“I got my first offer from Wisconsin-Milwaukee.  I have had Wisconsin, Valpo, Buffalo, Ohio, and Northern Iowa show interest.”

UIC and Buffalo would like him to visit.  He has already visited UW-Milwaukee and chatted with us about that visit.

“I went to their practice.  They play hard and intense all the time.  I saw a couple of them get into it because of the intensity of the practices.  Their coach makes them play intense.”