Josiah Freeman

Posted On: 11/16/18 5:00 PM

Josiah Freeman will be an important piece for what should be a very good Paul VI team this season. Freeman will not only be asked to score, but also to play solid defense all over the court. We saw some of this during a recent preseason scrimmage, where he spoke on his team’s performance. 

“I feel good coming into the season. I think we look good. We can do better on the offensive glass, but I feel like we’re playing really fast. Uptempo, got a lot of easy buckets, our press looked good,” he stated.

Freeman, who worked  a lot on his handle and shot off the dribble over the summer, was one of four guards who started Wednesday’s contest. It looks like the Panthers will look to be very versatile once again this year, with interchangeable parts and players who can fit a variety of roles. 

“I’m definitely looking to be more aggressive; more active on offense and defense. I’m just another guard that can handle and provide versatility.”

Improved strength and conditioning has played a key role in Freeman’s development. Staying healthy, athletic, and avoiding injury are some area’s he’s focused on. Freeman believes the extra attention he’s paid into transforming his body is paying immediate dividends. 

“Me and my guy, we work a lot on my hips. It all started on my hips. After that, he took me through a lot of massages. Massaging my calves, my achilles, and a lot of ab work. That really transformed my body in a matter of weeks,” he began. “It makes me feel lighter on my feet. I can definitely play defense against all five positions. It makes me more explosive on rebounds and going to the rim. I definitely see the changes coming really fast.”

College coaches refer to Freeman as a “pro scorer”, and compliment his playing style. They like how quickly he gets to his spots and looks for his shot. Robert Morris was the most recent school to offer him, with several others are tracking him closely. 

“My goals are just to just help my team and raise my level. I’m trying to win a championship; WCAC and states.”

Josiah Freeman is currently ranked by Prep Hoops as a top-10 prospect in his class. To view the full ranking of Virginia’s 2020 class, click here.