Posted On: 11/13/18 4:34 PM

RCS Sports Season Opener 2018 kicked off this past weekend November 10th at the M.O. Campbell Center in Houston, TX. A total of 7 games were slated and the field was loaded with talent at all levels. We will start off with the next eleven prospects who stood out  from the next two games that were played. 


Tramon Mark 6’4 PG Jr. Dickinson – 4 star prospect, a Power 5/High Major prospect. He came out to prove that he’s not falling off, nor has hit his ceiling yet. He scored at all 3 levels, he was contested and scored regardless. He finished with 42 points. Showed why we picked him as a District’s MVP. PHTX75



Deuce Guidry 5’8 PG Jr. Dickinson – Deuce is a 3 star prospect, a D1 Mid-Low Major prospect. Though he only stands 5’8 he scores the ball at a high rate from deep. He also gets to the paint and scores well around the basket no matter how big the defender is. Deuce has good on ball defense. He finished with 21 points and 3 assist. PHTX75



LJ Cryer 6’1 PG Jr. Morton Ranch – LJ Cryer is a 4-5 star prospect, a Power 5 prospect. LJ is a scorer from all 3 levels. Plays great on ball defense and defensive help. Plays the passing lanes. He has the ability to speed up his defender whenever he wants to. He finished with 29 points and 5 steals. PHTX75



Eddie Lampkin 6’10 C Jr. Morton Ranch – Big Eddie is a 4 star prospect, a D1 Power 5/High Major prospect. Eddie has exceptional floor awareness for big. He hits defenders with timely passes. Runs the floor good in transition. Has great post footwork, and uses his size very well for post control. Eddie finished the game with 18 points and 15 rebounds.  PHTX75



Antown Norman 6’0 SG Jr. Jack Yates – Antwon may be small for his skill position in size, but he makes up for it in heart. He can flat out shoot the deep ball. A dead-eye specialist on the court. He hit multiple threes in a row that changed the course of the game. He is a 2 star prospect, a D1 Low-Mid Major/D2 prospect that finished the game with 13 points. 



Rubin Jones 6’4 PG Jr. Jack Yates – Rubin 3-4 Star prospect, D1 High-Mid Major prospect. Rubin has high IQ and great floor awareness. He can score the ball at all 3 levels. Everything ran through him. He even came straight down the lane and attempted to put his defender in the rim. He finished with 12 points and 11 assist. PHTX75



Kasen Harrison 6’1 PG Jr. Beaumont United – Kasen Harrison is a 2-3 Star Prospect, a D1 Mid-Low Major/D2 type player. Was able to take over the game in the 4th quarter. He scored at will by taking his man off the dribble. His driving abilities was able to get him to the foul line where he went 5/6-FT. He finished the game with 17 points. PHTX75



Jakia Oliver 6’1 PG Sr. Beaumont United – This was my first time seeing this prospect, and first impressions goes a long way. Jakia controlled the floor the entire game. He was able to get into the lane and finish. He also was able to draw in the defense and dish to the open man. He can knock down the open 3PT. He is a scoring machine. His speed and quickness allows him to beat his defender to the spot every time. He finished with 26 points and 8 assist. Jakia is a 2 Star Prospect that would fit very well with a D3/NAIA school.



Adrian Caldwell 6’4 WF Jr. Morton Ranch – Caldwell is a 3 star prospect, a D1 Mid-Major prospect. He came out very aggressive, and played with that same intensity until the final buzzer sounded. He must’ve realized what i said in an earlier article about realizing how high he gets. He dunked his defender with force. He Knocked down a 3 pointer and made all of his free throws. Adrian finished the game with 15 points and 6 rebounds. He will be a major piece in the Mavericks success this season.

Darryl Brown 6’2 CG Jr. Jack Yates – Darryl is a get in your head assassin on the court. He played solid defensively all night long. Shot the ball very well. Took his defender off the dribble. He was able to score at all 3 levels at a high rate. Darryl is a 2-3 star prospect, a D1 Mid-Low Major prospect. He finished the game with 18 points.

Joquarius Valrie 6’4 SF Sr. Jack Yates – Joquarius is a 2 Star Prospect a D3/NAIA guy, and would be a great addition. Possibly could be a D2 player. He rebounds the ball well despite his slender frame. He is also very strong for his build. He has springs in his feet. He can also shoot the long ball. He played great defense on the perimeter and inside the paint. He altered shots and played the passing lanes well. He is a glue guy that will be key for his teams success. Finished the game with 26 points, 8 rebounds, 3 steals, and 2 blocks.