Posted On: 11/22/18 10:16 AM

After a tumultuous offseason, Cyprus guard Tayven Aloi is back from injury, stronger than before and ready to get his senior season underway.

The 6-foot-4 prospect tore his PCL this offseason, and was sidelined for some time. But he was still able to gain strength and hone his jumper.

“A lot of it was rehab and physical therapy, other then that I feel like I got a lot stronger in the weight room. I’ve also been staying consistent with my shot,” said Aloi.

Since becoming cleared to play, his guard skills have improved, that’s something he’ll be deploying more than ever this season with Cyrpus.

“I feel like my game has improved mostly in ball-handling and seeing the court better. As one of our primary ball handlers I knew that is what I had to work on,” said Aloi.

“My role at Cyprus has changed a lot from last year.  I’ve embraced the role of a leader, and helping my teammates a lot more. To add to that I get to play my true positions as a one, two, and three guard. In the past we’ve been small so I’ve had to play the four or five.”

He added: “As a team we want to compete for a region championship, and make a run in the state tourney”

The injury during what would have been a critical 17U season for him may have caused his recruitment to slow a bit. He’s hoping that with a big senior season, he can get the chance to play some college ball.

When we talked to him last year at this time, he reported interest from area JuCos.

“Recruitment has kind of been slow due to injuries, but I’m looking to get it started again. No offers yet, though,” said Aloi.

“My goals for the next six months is to get an offer, be an all-state athlete, and win a region championship.”