Posted On: 11/6/18 6:33 AM

The Mt. Zion Warriors are off to a solid 4-0 start to their season. Even though their record indicates success, like any team, they’re still trying to find their niche as a team so they can hit full stride once the back end of the schedule approaches. Players are still trying to solidify themselves as part of the rotation and get comfortable in their role. One of those players includes 6-foot-4 guard Savion Gallion. Gallion has started and come off the bench for the Warriors this season. The one good thing with him is no matter what role he’s fitting into, he’ll always bring energy and intensity to the floor.


We caught up with Gallion after a win over New York International Academy where he recorded 10 points off the bench.


PH: How was the spring/summer for you with DBC?


SG: The entire process was great. DBC taught me a lot. They taught me how to play hard and become a grown man.


PH: What were some things in your game that you felt you improves on throughout?


SG: Basically my strength and my on-ball defense.


PH: How has the prep school experience been treating you thus far?


SG: The prep school experience has been good. It’s a lot harder than high school. You’re in the weight room and gym every day constantly. There’s really no days off.


PH: You started against Navy’s JV team and came off the bench today. What do you think your role on the team is?


SG: Starting and coming off the bench doesn’t mean anything to me. As long as we’re in a position to win when the game comes down to the end. My role is just to play hard whenever I’m in. Whenever I get my chance, play as hard as I can.


PH: What do you feel like you bring to this team?


SG: Intensity. I bring a lot of intensity. Clapping on defense to give us a spark, telling guys where to be on both sides of the court, just try to be a good leader.


PH: What have you noticed so far in practice and games is the difference between prep level and high school?


SG: Talent. There’s a lot more talent on the floor here. In high school you can dominate and basically do what you want. At prep, you gotta fight for everything you do and put in the work so you’re ready.


PH: Anything in your game that you’re focusing on to prepare for the collegiate level?


SG: Yeah, for sure. I feel like my shot is pretty good, but I work on it constantly. I’m working on my vertical, so I can get a couple dunks in each game and my ball handling.


PH: Are you hearing from any schools at the moment?


SG: No, not really.