Posted On: 11/20/18 6:00 AM

Ballard Junior Rashad Bishop is a two sport star who is going to have a chance to be a college athlete on the court or on the football field depending on how the next two years pan out. As a football player, Bishop is a field stretching wide receiver. As a basketball prospect, Rashad is a stretch forward with a high motor and a nose for the ball as a rebounder. Rashad caught my eye in June playing summer ball with Ballard and impressed again when he played this summer with The Ville AAU. While Rashad is a serious athlete, he knows he needs to improve his skill level and transition out on to the wing in the future so he went to work this summer. “What I would say I worked on the most this summer is my ball-handling and perimeter shooting to really try to expand my game. I don’t want to be just be a post player but an all around player.”

Rashad is not yet receiving college attention on the court but he should be at this point. The lack of interest isn’t slowing him down though. He set some lofty goals for himself this season, “Goals for myself this season is to really just get better everyday and try to be the number one player in the state of KY. That’s a short term goal but my long term goal is to be one of the top players in the nation.” Being a part of traditional powerhouse Ballard should keep Bishop motivated and his daily matchups against senior Alexander Holley should just make Rashad better and better. As for his team, Bishop expects a big year, “I have really have high expectations for this team. I believe for sure no doubt that we should go undefeated and win the state championship.” After going from unranked to top 15 in the state in the Junior class over the last 6 months, Rashad Bishop isn’t feeling any pressure from his rapid rise, “No pressure at all. Actually even if I wasn’t ranked at all I would still have motivation and put pressure on myself to perform no matter what.” Regardless of pressure, Rashad has been one of the biggest risers in the state for a reason and he has a chance to have a big year for Ballard and help get them back to Rupp Area.