Posted On: 11/2/18 8:17 AM

There are some names in Michigan high school basketball that will become very familiar over the next few years. John Gaines is one of those players. He’s a skilled combo guard that attends Birmingham Groves High School. Gaines has the potential to be one of the top level prospects in the class of 2021. 

John Gaines has a very intriguing skill set. He’s a versatile guard who csn play on or off the ball. Gaines is comfortable and effective with the ball in his hands, running the offense and putting his teammates in scoring positions. He’s a solid and efficient passer with good ball handling skills. Gaines can play shooting guard just as effectively. He can hunt shots and hits them when they are available. Gaines is a smart player with a high basketball IQ.

Gaines has been hard at work preparing for this season. He’s coming off a solid grassroots season and he hasn’t let off the gas pedal. Gaines has been sure to keep the momentum going from this summer. He’s been a regular in the gym before school to get shots up. Gaines has also hit the gym after school, as well as hitting the weight room to lift and get stronger. 

John Gaines has goals for himself and this season. He is a young man that, with continued development, has a future in college basketball. He looks forward to finding a program at the next level that fits his playing style and has a coach that helps him become the best player he can possibly be. For this season, Gaines wants to “have a winning season and make it past the quarter finals in the playoffs.”

Gaines is the type of kid that high school and college teams can build their program around. He even has some advice for younger players following behind him:  “I would tell the kids to work hard every day if they truly want to be successful, because playing sports takes a lot of hard work and dedication.”