Prospect Spotlight: Handre Reinecke (2020)

Northern California

Posted On: 11/21/18 11:29 AM

After missing much of his sophomore season due to injury, 6-foot-7 Rocklin forward Handre Reinecke is more eager than ever to get things going this season.

The versatile junior will be flashing his ability to be a playmaker, and do a little bit of everything this season for the Thunder.

“For my size, I can handle the ball pretty good. I have really good vision and I can find a lot of guys that are open,” said Reinecke. “If you want me to be a big I can be a big, if you want me to get a board I can get a board. If you need me to make plays I can, I can find the open man.”

It was a leg injury last season that kept him sidelined during his sophomore campaign. Rather than play grassroots ball last summer, he decided he’d train on his own.

“I was just working on training and getting stronger, I didn’t really do anything AAU-wise, I was just working on strength and training and stuff like that,” said Reinecke.

His junior season at Rocklin starts this weekend, and Reinecke says his team might surprise some people this season.

“I’m looking to make a big impact this year. Being one of the younger teams the last couple of years, I feel like this is our time to shine,” said Reinecke.

“We have a lot of guards that can get me the ball now, and I feel like I can score and impact the game in a variety of ways.”

The next 12 months will be crucial or Reinecke in terms of his recruitment. He went to some college camps last summer, Sonoma State and Cal State Fullerton. Other D2s that have been talking to him.

“Coming off of my injury it was kind of tough, and making the decision to sit out AAU was tough, knowing there’d be a lot of coaches out there,” said Reinecke.

“I’m really looking to have a lot more looks next year hopefully. Whatever happens, happens. I definitely want to find the right college and get a scholarship.”