Donovan Boyce

Posted On: 11/30/18 5:00 PM

Donovan Boyce stepped up for WT Woodson during their first win of the season, and showed that he can be a reliable scorer and playmaker for his team when called upon. Boyce evaluated his team’s overall performance, explained what he thinks his role is, and much more during a recent interview. 

PH: What’s your role this year?

DB: “I started this game because Joey Lee was injured. So coming off the bench for the rest of the year, but I just have to step up and play my game. Coach is looking for me to score and take care of the ball.”

PH: What’d you think of the team performance today? How would you rate it?

DB: “I say we could do better, but that was a really good game against a really good team. Ben Jensen really stepped up for us tonight. Made some big shots. Cody (Mains), we fed the ball to him. That’s what we’re trying to do all year. Get it in the paint, play inside out.”

PH: How does playing in the DeMatha Summer League help you to play in a game like this?

DB: “Well in that summer league, and in the WCAC, they like to press and get up in your face. That really helped me because I knew Wakefield was going to get up, press, force me to my left hand. I just need to work on my ball-handling, staying calm and running the offense.”

PH: How did you guys get back into the game after going down double digits in the first half?

DB: “Coach said calm down, trust the offense, trust the plays. We just executed down the stretch and came out with the win.”

PH: What do you think has been the most improved part of your game?

DB: “Dribbling, handling the ball. I’ve had to do that more lately because some of my teammates have been banged up.”

PH: How are your grades?

DB: “I have a 3.2 GPA.”

PH: What are your short and long-term goals?

DB: “Short-term, to win a state championship. Long-term, play in college and maybe the pros.”

PH: What do you think your team needs to do to be successful moving forward?

DB: “Just come out and execute every night. We have really talented bigs. We need to play inside out and feed them.”