Posted On: 11/6/18 11:49 AM

At 6’3″ and 170 lbs (2019) Bronx Holbrook is hoping that his senior year will be his most productive and memorable of his high school career. Holbrook has played on the North Gem varsity since he was a freshman.  “I started playing varsity my freshman year. I would play on JV for 2 quarters, then I would play on varsity for 3 quarters.”  The past 2 years Holbrook has been a mainstay on the varsity. He has been a steady contributor on both ends of the court. Holbrook is big enough to post up on players and score from the block, but agile enough to take defenders off the dribble from the perimeter. Holbrook also has a nice outside shot.  His wingspan makes him a good rim protector and a good re-bounder. Holbrook isn’t afraid of contact, especially on defense, ” For playing tough defense I try to get physical with my opponent. Not physical enough that it becomes a wrestling match, but just enough to push them and to push me. I try to study teams’ offenses so I know what I can do to stop them.”

Holbrook’s favorite basketball memory so far comes from his freshman year, “We were playing one of our conference rivals at home. I went in as a freshman thinking I was there to help play defense. The other team didn’t know who I was so they didn’t think I was a threat. I made four 3-pointers in a row because they wouldn’t guard me. The last one I made was in the face of my defender. ”  This year Holbrook hopes to replace this favorite memory with memories of a state championship. “My goals for my last year of high school is to just make the most of it. If we go to the state tournament, so be it. I know my team wants to go to the state tournament so I will do everything I can to help them achieve that goal.”

When asked who he tries to pattern his game after Holbrook said he doesn’t focus on just one player. “I like to think that I pattern myself after all basketball players that I know. I take a little bit from everyone into my game and see which ones work and which ones don’t work.”

“Playing basketball in college sounds really fun. I have not been in contact with any schools, probably because I am from a small school. If I could go to the next level, I am looking for a college that has a great campus, a team and coaches who will support me in all of my decisions & a college where I can still get a good education while playing.” This Friday Holbrook and his team officially start the high school season and the four month grind to the state tournament.