Posted On: 11/9/18 2:50 PM

Logan point guard Anthony McDade is eager to embark on this third year as a starter with the Grizzlies, and it could be a doozy for the 5-foot-9 senior.

He’s been working relentlessly this past spring and summer to better his game and his body. And that will be showcased later this month when Logan’s 2018-19 season kicks off.

“I’ve been working on my mid-range game and my pull-ups, and my 3-point shot, trying to get my percentage higher this year,” said McDade. “I’m working on finishing at the rim through contact. And really, I’ve been working on the mental part of the game, I’ve been watching a lot of film.”

McDade did not play grassroots ball this offseason, he was instead working out with his brother, former Montana State Billings guard Omar McDade, all spring and summer.

“I decided not to play because I thought I could grow more as a player and get better if I just stayed in the gym consistently instead of going on all those long trips,” said McDade. “I worked a lot on getting my core strong and my first step.”

Now, the third-year starter is ready to take the floor for some high school action. His role will be bigger this season than ever before.

“I’m just looking to be more of a leader, more of a vocal leader, people are going to listen to my voice more and hear my voice more,” said McDade. “It’s going to be different because all of our seniors last year were all vocal and loud, so I’ll have to step up this year.”

He’s heading into his senior season without any official offers, but says he’s got a couple schools talking to him. McDade says JuCo is an option right now.

“I’m definitely considering going to a two-year school, just so I could get used to college life and school,” he said. “But my goal is definitely to get to a four-year school eventually.”